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Hi rainerhilmer,

Please send a mail to support@cloudme.com and we will look into it and post an answer here as soon  as we understand the problem.



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Hi nehawalia,

Please make sure you have the latest edition of the app. If the problem is noy solved, please contact support@cloudme.com with information on the phone model and IOS version.


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Hi tombensve,

We can not delete your files! We have no access to your account hence you need to delete them your self.
We can close your account but not delete your files. This is not a bug but rather a solution for your security.

If you closed your account some 4 years ago we have since made ample improvements of the service and a number of upgrades. Make sure you use the latest versions of CloudMe and also make sure your phone and computer match the requirements for the CloudMe softwares to avoid bugs.

Please also have a look at our legal page https://www.cloudme.com/en/legal to make sure you appreciate the full user agreement section.

We will be happy to help you through deleting all your files and we can close your account. Just forward any questions here in the forum or send your requests to support @cloudme.com if you want faster response.


Hi andymcclure,

I am sorry to learn about your problems. It would be good to see what your log files look like.
Please send the files to support(a)cloudme.com, the logs are located in this folder on Mac.
/{User}/Library/Application Support/CloudMe/Sync/logs

Also, after sending the log files, please try to reinstall the sync software to see if the functionality improves.



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Hi hchaaban

How did you upload the file? Through the sync, browser or or app?
Is it on the web, through the browser you see the file?
Do you use the sync and if so, is the file synced to you other devices?



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Hi alanw,

It is always difficult to choose what solution to go with as we have many users with different needs.
In this case we have choosen this solution but there is always good to reflect and perhaps also reconsider.
We have discussed, and will look into, if there are any possibilities for us to develop and expand the features of our sync.

Hi xpresse,
Many thanks for highlighting us on the signature issue.
Most likely we will have it solved within 2 days.

For the question on encryption we have a solution just around the corner. I hope it will be released within a week, just bear with us:-)


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Hi vikson,

In the future, please also address your issues to our support as well at support(a)cloudme.com
This will give your faster response:-)

Anyhow, what operating system are you running?


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Hi alanw,

This is actually done for security reasons. It might seem as if it is a bug or a user interface error but is threre to avoid deleting files by mistake.
If you want to change from upload only, download only or biderectional, as you probably know you can go to the CloudMe sync application, look up the folder you want to change, right click and choose settings. There you can do several individual setting for this specific folder.

Thanks Kimmo,

We will look into this immediately to se what seems to be the problem.
To get the best and fastets respond and service, please also send an e-mail to support@cloudme.com next time:-)



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Hi alanw,

We are currently looking into this and we will get back to you as soon as we have some news. It seems as if there are just a few of our users who have the same problem and that makes it a bit more complicated to find the reason to this behaviour.
Anyhow, we are on it :-)


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Hello ghostshadow,

Please also send this types of requests to support@cloudme.com to make sure to get the fastest and best service :-)
Anyhow, it seems as if our team has solved your issue and we apologize for the inconveniance.

Best regards


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Dear User,

If you want to have a quick introduction to CloudMe then please go here:


and download the Quick Start Guide.

Good Luck:-)


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Hi again Alberto,

We have now improved the speed in the sync sofware with a release of the new version today.
This will hopefully increase the sync speed not only for you but all users with an upload speed above some 8 Mbit/s.
Good luck!

Hi swevrywhere,

Sorry for late respond but this kind of questions need to be addressed to our support as well.
Did you check also the recycle bin through the web interface? Make sure you go to the right folder and then click on the trasch can. This is a differnet Trasch can than the local on your PC.


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Hi Again Alberto,

Can you please check if you have the latest version of the Sync Software?



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Thank you Alberto,

We will look into this and get back when investigated.



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Thanks Alberto,

Can you check the upload speed to CloudMe at 5 different times with some 2-3 hours inbetween?
Then we can see if it depends on something here or somewhere between us.


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Many Thanks Alberto!
We will look into this:-)

Hi AW,
Unforunately we can not affect the upload-speed provided through your internet provider.
But good luck anyway:-)


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Hello alberto.castilla,

Can you inform where you live, what country and what internet provider you use?
Please also test the speed 5 different times during a day and get back here. This way we might have a better chance to locate the problem.

Hi alanw,

Please look in our help section https://www.cloudme.com/en/sync/help

How to migrate from Dropbox or OneDrive
If you want a safe and secure cloud storage solution protected by European privacy laws, moving your existing cloud storage to CloudMe is a good idea. Just move the contents of the Dropbox or OneDrive folder into the CloudMe folder. CloudMe will then start syncing and uploading all your files. The CloudMe folder is available through a shortcut on the Windows desktop and available as a favourite in Windows Explorer and Finder on Mac. Never add the Dropbox or OneDrive folder as a sync folder to CloudMe, it may create unexpected behaviour in both services.

I expect this will work also for Copy. I would appreciate if you let us know how it worked out:-)


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Hi Pereira,
Have you created a map, within the sync folder, that you want to sync?
Please check if this is the case. If so, it will work and you wil lget error messages.


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Thanks Juice12,
What IOS version do you have? I would recommend to upgrade to the latest version if you can.


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Hi SeaninHolland,
We are sorry to hear you have left us and that your e-mail, or our answer, seems to be lost.
The reason for not allowing bigger files is that we get a lot of material that are subject to copyright infringements on our servers. This causes us, and others, problems with the people and organizations that are the copyrightholders and we have therefore decided to set the limit with 2GB.