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We are currently investigating the possibilities to cooperate with Facebook in this matter. We hope to have a solution within short.


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Hi a-h-f,
Please check here : http://forum.cloudme.com/viewtopic.php?id=700

Hi flite,
This is possible by going to the Web UI on your account.
Identify the file you want to share, click/mark the file you want to share, choose "share". You will now have the dialog box where you can choose to share by mail, Facebook or Twitter, open.
Down in the left corner you will find a button "Copy Link", press it and you will open a new dialog box with your link in it.
If you run Windows/PC and use the sync software you can also do the same procedure through Windows Explorer: Identify the file, right click, choose CloudMe in the menu, choose "share" and follow the steps above.

Hi autarkie,
I am sorry that you are missing files/folders in your CloudMe account. But sometimes errors do occur, both technical and human, and therefore we never delete any files permanently but put them in the Trash Can/Recycle Bin. Please check your Trash Can/Recycle Bin, both local on your device and in the web ui on your account to see if your files are there.
Good Luck!

We got a question from one of our users on "How to delete file (permanently), without possibility to restore?"

The answer is to delete all files you want to erase from your account. After 60 days they will also be deleted from all our servers. The 60 days period is the number of days you can wait to get your files back, if you by accident should erase them. Thereafter (60 days) all your deleted files will also be deleted from our servers, including the back up.

Dear 0ang3el,
Many thanks for reaching out. Please send your findings to us att support(at)cloudme.com and we will make sure to look at them.
In line with our urge to improve and keep our service on top we want to reward you, and all other similar findings or suggestions, with an upgraded free account if your findings are valid and valuable to us.


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Hi flite,
Please follow this link and you will ba able to change your password.


Many thanks for highlightning this issue. We will make sure to publish the link under "My Account".

You can now answer the sender direct by just click "reply" in the mail, eventhough it is sent from "no-reply@cloudme.com".
The reason for us sending out e-mails with this sender is to avoid being treated as spam.
We use "no-reply@cloudme.com" as a precaution and to increase the possibilities  for  the mail to actually arrive correct to the receiver.
However, you can now click "reply" and the mail address will convert to the persons sending the mail with the webshare to you.

This is not very difficult but require some steps tp follow depending on how and what you want to do. Therefore we suggest you follow the instructions in the manual starting on page 15.
You will find the manual here: https://www.cloudme.com/downloads/CloudMe Sentinel 2014-11-05.pdf

Apart from desktops there are also clients for iOS and Android.
You can find links to App Store and Google Play here : https://www.cloudme.com/en/mobile

Go to cloudme.com andlog in as the same user as in the CloudMe Back Up Plug-In. Now you will seeyour folders and files.

To make sure you do this correct we suggest you follow the instructions in the manual starting on page 8. If you need a full Disaster Recovery start reading at page 11.
You find the manual here: https://www.cloudme.com/downloads/CloudMe Sentinel 2014-11-05.pdf

Follow the link and you will find the instructions and the latest version here.

The easiest and quickest way is to follow this link and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page