> doeroo wrote:

> I am using CloudMe with Zotero. Compared to Dropbox CloudMe saves whole database of zotero every time. So, it takes over one hour to update CloudMe server every time and as scheduled time and it is very time-consuming and inefficient. What I want is updating CloudMe server only with updated files in real time as the updated files are made in zotero database of my laptop. Is there any solution on this problem?


Do Han

You should work on CloudMe  becuase It save your files in realtime which is composarry for security of your valuable data. I have found that zotero database is not working on laptop or any other system. Laptop can aslo felt in problem because I am suffer with laptop's touch trouble. Someone give me advice to solve the problem on https://babasupport.org/hp/hp-laptop-touchpad-not-working/