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The combination of Fear of God and Nike reshapes the sport with a unique street feel. The Nike Skylon 2 series, which has once again floated in the eyes of fans, has a good temperament with Fear of God. Recently, a new color matching <a href=


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In 2009, Michael Jordan, the great basketball god, was elected to the Hall of Fame and delivered a speech that was both humorous and moving, which impressed many fans. This year's 10th anniversary, Jordan Brand deliberately brought you a new color of the Air Jordan 1 to pay tribute to this classic moment. <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/air-jordan-1/">Air Jordan 1 High OG Fearless</a> front end features a classic Chicago color scheme, while the second half uses the North Carolina blue color scheme. The side Swoosh and the upper wing logo are complemented by black accents. The four colors of black, white, blue and red are spliced to each other, which brings a very bright visual effect. At the same time, the injection of the patent leather material not only enriches the texture, but also adds a lot of fashion to the whole pair of shoes. The biggest highlight is the speech on the insole when Jordan was elected to the Hall of Fame, "Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion", and the word "FEAR" that was crossed out. There are quite a lot of details, and I believe that once it is released, it will attract the attention of many shoe players.

<a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com">2019 Sneakers Release</a> With the increase of the popularity of Air Jordan 1 in the country, the color matching of Mid Mid Mid shoes is also endless. Compared with the high-cost models, it has more outstanding cost performance, which makes many shoes like to be more popular. Recently, it has exposed a new color matching Air Jordan 1 Mid. The overall upper is made of silk, and it is matched with some suede materials to make the appearance of the whole pair of shoes add a lot of points. In terms of color matching, the classic black gold contrast design was chosen. The dark gold used this time is more textured than the gold that appeared before. The purple flying man logo is attached to the tongue, adding a touch of vitality to the overall calming body. The flying man's logo on the insole echoes the same color.

<a href="https://www.menairshoes.com">Men Air Shoes</a> brought a high-profile custom work of BespokeIND, the top team of Melbourne's top sneakers. This Lego X Nike Dunk SB Low is loved by many fans.In fact, BespokeIND has a lot of recent works that are particularly surprising, including a pair of hopper-themed Nike Air Max 1, regardless of the value of the face or design details and Lego Dunk SB Low. Designed on the basis of Air Max 1, boldly integrated into the classic game Pac-Man, the left and right feet are completely different  color, adding red, blue, orange, yellow, green and other eye-catching colors in the Pac-Man game, many Bright colors bring inexplicable and harmonious visual effects. The biggest highlight is that the game screen of the Pac-Man is directly printed on the toe, which becomes the finishing touch of the whole pair of shoes. In addition, there are two pairs of luxury Air Jordan 3, these two pairs of the same theme of the different colors of the Air Jordan 3 are the only one in the world, is a well-known superstar couple Jay Z and Beyonce 1 of 1 exclusive shoes paragraph. You can see that the two pairs of shoes, whether it is the ultra-high-grade material selection, or the ingenious workmanship, are all works of art-level custom work, but unfortunately it is impossible to start.


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Jordan Brand has created themed shoes for a number of colleges and universities in the United States, eye-catching color schemes, and over-restricted specifications that are forbidden to resell, making it a shoe-lover that is not expected to be worth the price. The <a href=


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This year, Nike seems to pay more attention to the Nike SB series, and Dunk, a member of the Nike SB series, also released a lot of popular colors this year. Earlier today, a new pair of Nike SB Dunk Low Pro was released on the Internet. Let's take a look! <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/nike-sb-dunk/">Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Green Black</a> is a black suede shoe with a loose green dress that creates a visual effect similar to the Air Jordan 1 black-green toe. Dirty color schemes are a good choice for both skateboarding and everyday outings.

Air Foamposite One is one of Nike's most classic shoes and has always had a high popularity. Recently, an independent day-themed<a href="https://www.menairshoes.com/product-category/nike-shoes/nike-air-foamposite/"> Nike Air Foamposite One USA</a> exposure has attracted the attention of many fans, and now brings you the latest physical map. The overall upper is mainly white, and the most eye-catching part is the inner side of the sneaker. It is designed with a enamel color scheme. The inner sides of the left and right feet are navy blue and New York orange. Looking at the shoes from different angles on both sides, there will be different color matching effects, which is very innovative. The embroidery logo on the heel is also echoed in the ochre, and the overall temperament is outstanding.

Adidas recently brought you the latest running shoes <a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com/product-category/adidas-ultra-boost-19/">adidas Pulseboost HD</a>, in which light gray color matching has been registered in the domestic official website. The most characteristic of the shoes is that the two-dimensional code design is integrated into the tongue label, and the website can be scanned by mobile phone to understand the running group, route and preferential information. It is printed with the coordinates of Paris, Berlin, New York and other countries with strong running culture. It is novel and distinctive. The adidas Pulseboost HD body is made from Adapt Knit knit material. The upper is soft and comfortable, and it is also stable. It is also equipped with a low-flat Boost cushioning midsole and a Continental rubber outsole for good help while adapting to various road conditions. It is very suitable for small partners who like to run outdoors.


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This month, there will be 11 pairs of Yeezy series shoes available for sale. Following the release of the Black Angel Yeezy Boost 350 V2 last week, the new color scheme <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/adidas-yeezy-boost-700/">Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Tephra</a> is now open for appointment! The uppers of these shoes are very layered, with a base of dark and light gray, paired with the iconic 3M reflective strip of the shoe. The sides and heels are outlined in a coal-gray suede material, presenting a very rich upper. The midsole is matte-gray in gray, and the radial lines echo the outsole waveform, which reveals the unique shape of the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 series under the hook of the raw rubber outsole. The Yeezy Boost 700 V2 will be open for appointments at adidasOriginals on June 10th, with a total of 46 cities. See the chart for the appointment method and time.

<a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a> Following the launch of the two-double Nike SB x Air Jordan 1, the joint name of Nike SB and Jordan Brand continues! As the official picture of Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low, as the release date approaches, there is a new set of top-footed Mito releases. Crafted from white leather with navy blue matte leather, the exterior is complemented by a metallic silver Swoosh embellishment. The toe red Jumoman Logo looks extraordinarily eye-catching and stylish. The Nike SB logo is printed in many details such as insole and tongue, which highlights the special identity of the shoes, while the low-cut style is more dexterous and lighter than the high-top, which is very suitable for summer wear.

<a href="https://www.2019cheapjordan.com">2019 Cheap Jordan</a>,The first pair of Nike Air Max 90 has been in existence for more than 30 years. With its classic appearance and rich color scheme, it has been active in everyone's field of vision. Recently, there is a brand new dress with great personality. Air Max 90 To meet you! The Air Max 90 PRM Mixtape covers the entire body with a large white area. The lemon yellow Swoosh is crafted like an ostrich skin texture and the inside is used to present the moon's surface pattern. The inner insole also uses a high-grade cork element. The biggest highlight is the setting of the shoe information on the tongue, such as the size of the shoe, the item number and the color scheme. At the same time, the graffiti-style crystal outsole is also eye-catching!

This month, there will be 11 pairs of Yeezy series shoes available for sale. Following the release of the Black Angel Yeezy Boost 350 V2 last week, the new color scheme <a href=

To commemorate June's Pride Month (comrade Pride Month), adidas officially released the <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/adidas-ultra-boost-19/">adidas Ultra boost 2019 Pride</a> series, breaking the rules and creating a series of colorful and different styles of clothing and shoes, with different skin colors and different backgrounds. Together to celebrate differences and diversity. The overall design uses a signature rainbow color scheme, with a simple, clean cut, to outline the theme of natural and casual style. The combination of high-definition monochrome blocks and minimalist prints gives a sense of balance between vision and imagination; the use of pop stripe elements combines design sense with vivid personality. In the design of the shoes, the light-colored upper and the dreamy rainbow gradient are called eye-catching highlights, and bring many options such as UltraBOOST 19, Ozweego, Continental 80 and Temper Run.

After watching the bloody Osiris's footstep demonstration, Supreme's newly designed Air Jordan 14, this time ushered in the exposure of the sale price, according to zsneakerheadz news, <a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com/product-category/air-jordan-sneakers/">Supreme x Air Jordan 14</a> will be available for $248. The shoes are designed in white leather, complemented by black and red details, and the metal rivets on the sidelines are the biggest highlights of the whole pair. On the heels are the Jumpman and Box Logo, and the number "23". The combination.

Not long ago, the exposure of a pair of Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 6 shoes made everyone's attention to Jordan Brand rise again, and today Jordan Brand released the upcoming <a href="https://www.jordans2019shoes.com/product-category/air-jordan-shoes/air-jordan-6/">Air Jordan 6  x Reflections of a Champion</a> suit to commemorate Michael Jordan's first three Even the crown. The suit includes the Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 7, and Air Jordan 8 three Michael Jordan boots used in the three seasons from 1991 to 1993. The reflective 3M material is the upper and the red element is used as an aid. The AJ 6 features an ice-blue crystal outsole, the Jumpman logo for AJ 7 is shown in yellow, and the red, gray, and white camouflage paint appears again above the bottom half of the AJ8.

Nike Air Force 1 is one of Nike's classic shoe collections and has been repeatedly used by Rasheed Wallace in the game. Following the launch of a Wallace-specific Air Force 1 in April last year, the new color scheme of this series will be ushered in recently. <a href=

<a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a>,The Air Max 720 series which debuted at the beginning of the year, won high praise from many shoe fans for its outstanding technology and colorful color scheme. Recently, another new color matching Nike Air Max 720 Hot Lava will be available soon. The black upper, orange splashed ink in the midsole and transparent air cushion, make up the dazzling hot lava color scheme. The tongue echoes in the same color and the overall color scheme is very eye-catching.

After the Chicago Air Jordan 1 Low at the beginning of the year, a number of low-cut color combinations appeared one after another, opening the summer low-end boom. Recently, a new color matching Air Jordan 1 Low was first exposed. The <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/air-jordan-1/">Air Jordan 1 Low Slip WMNS</a> uses a classic black toe color scheme, similar to the Chicago color scheme, but I don't know if the shoes will have a 3M reflective effect. Also, replace the shoelace function with an elastic strap tongue with a long label. The Swoosh Logo, which is made of embroidered material on the side of the shoe, has a unique texture and the overall design details are very elegant.

<a href="https://www.2019cheapjordan.com">2019 Cheap Jordan</a>,Air Force 1 has always been the classic series of Nike's long-lasting, almost a pair of shoes for the shoe players, which is enough to show the popularity of the shoes. A new pair of Nike Air Force 1 High will be on the scene soon, with the theme of the Detroit Pistons winning the NBA championship in 2004. Coincidentally, the Raged Wallace in the team at that time often used Air Force 1 as the battlefield boots, so this pair may be designed for this. The overall shape of the upper is blue, and the toe and side Swoosh are made of patent leather, which is more lustrous and has a unique specification in terms of materials. The biggest highlight of this pair of shoes is the triangular splicing design of the triangle on the side of the shoe. The contrast with the patent leather material is very gorgeous, and the darker texture design does not make the shoe body too fancy. The tongue is designed in red and blue stripes, which is more eye-catching on a white background. Different from the classic rubber soles in the past, this time, the design of the crystal bottom material, combined with the patent leather material of the upper, makes these shoes look particularly attractive in appearance.

<a href="https://www.jordans2019shoes.com">Jordans 2019 Shoes</a>,As the weather gets warmer, most cities in the country are entering the summer. For such a refreshing and energetic season, it is necessary to start with a pair of bright running shoes. Recently, another refreshing Nike React Element 55c Flash Crimson & Volt was first exposed. White upper with hidden gray checkerboard plaid. With a fluorescent yellow Swoosh Logo and a fluorescent orange deconstructed veneer, the outer color of the outsole echoes. The overall color scheme is very summery, and it is a good choice for everyday and sports wear.

The playoffs are playing hot, this morning the Raptors' kawaii 0.07 seconds to kill the 76ers, so that countless fans look at the small card, this series is also the most flamboyant tie-break in the playoffs. But for many of Zambia, even after such a rough season, they still could not win the playoffs. This playoff game without James is also a lot less worth seeing. Fortunately, Zhan Huang’s new shoes are endless. Recently, another new color matching <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/">Nike LeBron 16 Low SuperBron</a> will be available soon. This color scheme is based on the classic Superman color scheme, with a red woven upper with a yellow and white midsole, and the Swoosh Logo and outsole echo in blue. The low-cut configuration makes it easier to put on and take off. The upper is embellished with small hooks and LeBron Logo, and the lion logo on the tongue echoes. The overall color scheme is very classic and is perfect for summer wear.

<a href="https://www.2019cheapjordan.com">2019 Cheap Jordan</a>,In addition to Patta's joint name, there will be a pair of Air Jordan 7 worthy of attention next month. That is to pay tribute to Ray Allen's Bucks PE color. The latest real thing has been released recently, and the release date is also ahead of schedule! The shoes are dressed in black and use a nubuck material similar to this year's black and red Air Jordan 6 and AIr Jordan 4. The texture is extraordinary. The midsole and the outsole are decorated with purple and green, respectively, and the tongue is also dressed in purple, gray and green, retro and cool. The upper is embroidered with a purple Jumpman Logo, highlighting the Bucks theme. Not only did the color match the PE of Ray Allen's upper foot, but also the exclusive signature of Ray Allen's signature on the insole, once again paying tribute to the legendary shooter. Although Ray Allen was one of Air Jordan's main spokespersons, the sneakers related to him were rarely sold, and players who like Ray Allen must not miss this opportunity.

As one of the classic shoes in the Air Max series, the <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com">Nike Air Max 98</a> has always been popular because of the multi-tone design of the shoe body. The stitching design of the upper and the multi-color application make the shoes very layered. The Air Max 98, which is similar to the Easter egg color scheme, will be launched soon. The overall use of lighter shades, the combination of lavender, light blue, white, light yellow reminds people of the popular Air Force 1 "Easter", this color match is also destined to this Air Max 98 future There are good popularity performances. The blue Air Max air cushion with a white sole echoes the light tones of the upper, giving this color a vibrant feel.

Earlier, it was reported that the Air Jordan 11 Low IE shoe with a hollow design is about to usher in a big dunk color. Recently, I finally ushered in the first exposure of the real thing. The <a href="https://www.menairshoes.com/product-category/air-jordan-shoes/air-jordan-11/">Air Jordan 11 Low IE Space Jam</a> overall color scheme is almost identical to the big slam dunk, continuing the classic black upper, white midsole and the ice-blue crystal outsole used in recent years. The blue-violet Jumpman Logo has also been moved to the tongue. Different from the previous renderings, the upper leather part of the upper is made of the same black patent leather as the original Air Jordan 11, which brings the same dazzling reflection effect, which is not common in IE shoes. The Air Jordan 11 Low IE continues the outstanding sense of the positive generation, while the low-cut style with a hollow design is more suitable for summer wear.

<a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a>,The NBA playoffs have been played in the Eastern and Western semi-finals. The most attention to the fans is the game, and the most attention to the fans is the boots. Recently, another new color matching Nike KD12 will be available soon. These shoes feature the iconic blue gold color scheme of the Warriors team, white flaps on the upper, with a blue Swoosh Logo, gold lace buckles and gold accents on the heel. The blue and white smudged outsole, such as the ripples, gives the shoes a very refreshing texture.

As one of the classic shoes in the Air Max series, the <a href=

Since the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 4 this year, Jordan Brand has naturally prepared a lot of <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com">Air Jordan 4</a> to commemorate. After the black and red, black laser and other color combinations were exposed to the sale information, the well-known sneaker account sneakerbardetroit also exposed two pairs of new color matching Air Jordan 4, let's take a look! A pair of green lasers Air Jordan 4, the body of the shoes with a signature pattern, reflective green skin, full of texture. The upper is made of green cow leather. Wahlberg's personal logo is printed on the tongue. The green splash is embellished in the black midsole, and the transparent outsole is added. The temperament is unique and eye-catching.

<a href="https://www.menairshoes.com/product-category/nike-shoes/">Nike Shoes</a> will launch a new tennis shoe NikeCourt Court Lite 2 recently. With its retro style and refreshing color scheme, it is believed to attract a lot of attention. The sneakers are made of white leather as the upper body, the toe is gray suede material, supplemented by red and blue embroidered Swoosh embellishments, the lowercase Nike lettering is full of retro style, and then
with a color outsole, a variety of elements are mixed together, let this The shoes are vibrant and ideal for summer wear. The other pair of shoes features an all-white body with orange Swoosh and a beige midsole with an orange outsole with Nike Tennis Logo embroidery on the heel. The classic retro shape, fresh and elegant color matching, even if worn on the day is no problem.

<a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com">2019 Sneakers Release</a> ,Although it looks like an unfinished sample, it also seems to give it a unique character that makes people look more! In front of this pair of Air Jordan 1 Dynamic Yellow main body with a simple black and white contrast color, the biggest highlight is that only the left foot inside the seam with a yellow Swoosh, the other several Swoosh positions are empty, it seems to be removed, just stay The lower red line outlines the outline of the Swoosh.

With its sci-fi shape and awkward feet, the Nike Air Max 720 has been loved by many shoe fans. Recently, a new color matching Air Max 720 physical map exposure. The <a href="https://www.menairshoes.com/product-category/nike-shoes/nike-air-max-270/">Nike Air Max 720 Vlot</a> is based on a fluorescent yellow gradient with green gradients and a black border to create a stronger color impact. The fluorescent yellow sole accentuates the fullness of the Air Max air cushion, giving a refreshing sensation to the hotter weather.

With the full start of the NBA playoffs, Nike also designed a pair of <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/nike-air-force-1/">LUX Nike Air Force 1</a> for this important moment. A large area of beige covers the body of the shoe, while hidden in the details of the basketball line, in line with the NBA playoff theme. The khaki leather outlines the white Swoosh that extends to the heel, while the tongue is also worn in the same color. The shoelace buckle changes the classic dress and is dressed in gold AF1. The choice of materials shows the super high specification of these shoes.

<a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com/product-category/nike-sneakers/">Nike Air Max Tailwind 4</a> was the iconic running shoe of 1999, inspired by the popular Air Max Plus shoe. Nike Air Max Tailwind 4 pure white shoes with black and yellow-green gradient lines separate the shoes into a three-dimensional layering, the overall four colors of the impact brings a more perfect visual effect. The Air Max air cushion exposed on the sole has the same gradient green color as the upper stripe, which creates a contrast effect with the white midsole.

<a href=

Just yesterday we reported the general sale of <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/">Air Jordan 1 OG x Nike SB Purple Gold</a> color matching. Today, according to the update of SNEAKERNEWS, another gray Air Jordan 1 OG x Nike SB with hidden color matching. The details of the sale and the details of the two shoes are now fully released. The shoes shown in the picture are all selected from the Air Jordan 1 OG as the shoe base. The logo on the tongue is marked with the Nike SB logo. In terms of color matching design, the selection of this purple gold color is in line with the current retro trend, while the other gray-white detail design is more interesting. Under the light gray cover of the shoe body, it also has a small fresh and fresh powder hiding color. Scratch music, you can create your own Air Jordan 1 exclusive color.

Nike and Grandpa Kanye West have collaborated on two editions of <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/">Nike Air Yeezy</a>. Whether it's the first version of Air Yeezy in 2009 or the Air Yeezy II in 2012, every time it is launched, it will be robbed and become the legendary "that shoe." Recently, the new Air Yeezy color matching samples that have never been exposed have come out on the Internet. The black patent leather straps and the big red midsole have a sense of design.

In the next two days, we have exposed 6 new Air Jordan 1 color schemes for everyone, plus a number of new color combinations released some time ago. This year, Air Jordan 1 is still the mainstream shoe. However, the color distribution of several Air Jordan 1 also led to visual fatigue of the color matching of its Air Jordan 1 shoes. Today, SNEAKERNEWS latest news, Nike will celebrate the SB Dunks anniversary theme shoes anniversary on April 20th will release a new Nike SB Dunks color matching shoes. In the picture, the <a href="https://www.sportjordans.com">Nike SB Dunks Dog Walker</a> uses different fur materials to highlight the texture of the shoes. The color scheme is based on classic red and green as the theme color, and the black and white spot color is used as an embellishment.

<a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a> has worked with Bugs Bunny to create a lot of classic color schemes, the most classic of which is the Air Jordan 7 Bugs Bunny color. Recently, the Air Jordan 7 GS has another Air Jordan 7 with the same color as the Bugs Bunny. This color is accented with white pebbled leather and large red laces. The upper pattern is highly recognizable, and the midsole ripples are also echoed in red.

<a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com">2019 Sneakers Release </a>,This year's new shoes Nite Jogger can be said to be a frequent action, just brought a limited Shanghai limit, and a number of new color combinations will be on the scene. In addition to the popular high-density mint green color after the recent exposure, there are wild black and white solid colors and a variety of bright orange embellished colors. There is also a girl's exclusive color matching in mint green and pale pink. The details continue to be 3M reflective design, the laces, the three-bar logo and the heel are reflective, making it an excellent choice for summer night travel.

<a href="https://www.jordans2019shoes.com">Jordans 2019 Shoes</a>,Most of the star's branch shoes continue to be the original design style, which is regarded as a simplified version. But recently, Harden got on the adidas Harden B/E 3, a new generation of sneakers that differs greatly from the adidas Harden Vol.3. Harden B/E 3 looks round and avant-garde compared to Harden Vol.3's angular and classic footwear. The sleek upper has a huge three-bar logo, and the laces are hidden in the Velcro straps. The sci-fi of the shape does not lose the N3XT L3V3L. The sleek midsole design is a reminder of the Kobe boots called the bread shoes Crazy 1. At the same time, the smooth design of the midsole surface is difficult to see which cushioning technology is equipped. Is it Bounce or the new Lightstrike? The practical technology configuration and conscientious pricing make the Harden B/E series a cost-effective choice, and this time with a surprisingly sleek design, it is even more exciting.

At the end of January, YEEZY MAFIA first exposed the color of <a href=

<a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a>,At the end of last year, adidas officially released the new running shoe Ultra Boost 19. The adidas Ultra Boost 2019 is a larger Boost midsole with a 20% increase in material volume and a redesigned outline and detail. While retaining the family temperament, it also brings avant-garde and skilled technology. Recently, a new color scheme officially released, a large area of ??dark green covered in white shoes, the support plate on both sides of the shoe, also replaced with a green dress, highlighting the rich tooling atmosphere.

<a href="https://www.jordans2019shoes.com">Jordans 2019 Shoes</a>, a pair of bull color matching Nike Air More Uptempo appeared exceptionally fragrant, and today a pair of the same color of the Air More Uptempo 720 is also exposed. The new color scheme is extremely eye-catching, with white “AIR” and “MAX” logos on the large red shoes, and black detailing, which is very similar to the classic bull color. The mesh upper adds breathability and is equipped with an exaggerated Air Max 720 air cushion. Unlike the “big AIR”, these shoes can be worn in spring and summer, and they are especially eye-catching.

<a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com">2019 Sneakers Release</a> With the return of the spring, I am afraid that you will have to replace the warm and thick shoes, and re-take out the bright color matching shoes in the shoe cabinet. Nike is also launching a new pair of Nike Air Presto for girls at this time. I am afraid that the color scheme will allow many girls to plant grass. The pink mesh body is breathable. Decorated with orange side supports, it is full of vitality.

We don't know the Asian limited Yeezy Boost 350 V2

<a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a> Inspired by the classic slogan “Just Do It” last year, Nike launched the corresponding color scheme for many of its classic sneakers. This year, Nike launched the new slogan “Have A Nike Day” and will use it as a source of inspiration. Unlike the retro color scheme of “Just Do It”, “Have A Nike Day” is presented in a colorful contrast color to create a lively and interesting atmosphere. Nike Air Force 1 High Have A Nike Day shoes are made of vintage blue, purple and pink. The black Swoosh is especially eye-catching. At the same time, the laces are embellished with the iconic “smiley face”, and the overall color is lively and full of breath. It is worth mentioning that the Air Foce 1 uses a fabric upper, which has greatly improved the comfort. Recently, the weather has gradually warmed up. It is also a very good choice to start such a pair of fresh "Have A Nike Day".

<a href="https://www.jordans2019shoes.com">Jordans 2019 Shoes</a> A recent exposure of the Air Jordan 6 GS Green Abyss must let the ladies and sisters want to stop. According to the latest news, in addition to the GS version, smaller children and baby versions will be released. Air Jordan 6 GS Green Abyss uses white as the keynote. The tongue, laces, lining and midsole are all outlined in dark green, and the fresh and fresh temperament is ready. The Jumpman Logo adds a touch of vibrancy to the eye-catching pink makeup. The most interesting thing is that the pink and green painting on the upper of the shoe is as refined as an art painting. Material materials can not be underestimated, the texture of the lychee skin, as well as the difference between the previous fabric uppers, make this color look different. The PS and TD colors are visually compatible with the GS version.

<a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com">2019 Sneakers Release</a> have already announced to you that there will be three super popular black and red color OG shoes returning this year. I believe that this year is also a must for everyone. Following the black and red Air Jordan 6 is the first to be released, so that many fans will be hooked up, the next one will be the turn of May to appear in the black and red OG color matching Air Jordan 4 Bred! Black and Red Air Jordan 4 is one of the first year's color schemes and has always been very popular. The black main theme is cool, and the nubuck leather brings extraordinary texture, beautiful and versatile, presumably also a lot of players Air Jordan 4 preferred color. This re-enactment will return to the Nike Logo image of the first year, bringing
a higher sentiment and originality.

At the beginning of this year, the Air Jordan 1's momentum is still fast, and a variety of color combinations are available for sale. Recently, there is also a new forbidden color matching that has attracted the attention of players. The US official website has already launched the sale link, which is expected to be released on February 23. The <a href=

When it comes to the <a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a> generation, everyone must be impressed by the classic black and red color scheme, but the All-Star Air Jordan 6 NRG, which will be released tomorrow, is also worthy of your pick. In addition to restoring OG details, the materials are more abundant, and the volume is not large, which is very collectible. This theme is highlighted by the use of pure black to set off the iconic purple of the Charlotte Hornets. It is complemented by an ice-blue outsole that highlights the simple color scheme. The upper material is also quite elegant. It is made of cow hair that is easy to care for and has a unique luster. The leather on both sides is decorated with snake skin texture, and the luxury temperament is undoubtedly revealed. It is worth mentioning that the heel is embroidered with Nike Air to restore the most OG charm. The effect of the upper foot is also a paradox, finding a balance between coolness and wildness. Because of the simple color matching, it makes it easy to wear, even with a formal dress.

Since the first addition of 4D printing technology to the design of running shoes,<a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com">2019 Sneakers Release</a> the temperament of many shoes has been stimulated from the inside out. Just like the gray-coloured ZX 4000, which was just released in the past few days, the retro ZX series has been reshaped with more technological elements. Recently, the new gray-green color matching Adidas ZX 4000 4D has been exposed again, and this new color is once again eye-catching. The overall design elements of the shoes are gray and white, and the main color scheme of the upper is gray and black. The extensible Primeknit woven mesh is stitched with suede material, striking bright yellow enamel and lace trim, and multiple light blue logos are just right. The combination of the ZX 4000 shoe and the FutureCraft 4D sole is like modern electronic music and classical symphonies. 3D printing technology not only makes the foot feel more comfortable, but also improves the overall support performance; and makes the shoe streamline fuller and upgrades the overall temperament.

In 2019, the madness of <a href="https://www.jordans2019shoes.com">Jordans 2019 Shoes</a> continues. This month, in addition to a pair of lake water green Air Jordan 1 "Turbo Green" will be officially released, yesterday, another pair of heavyweight new color is about to debut. The color scheme was inspired by the NBA's ban on Jordan wearing the black and red Air Jordan 1 during the game, bringing the pair of Air Jordan 1 Defiant “Couture”. It can be seen that these shoes seem to pay tribute to the ads that banned Air Jordan 1 that year. Large black leather upper, striking red square lacquered to the inside and outside of the body, covering the entire Swoosh, the special leather material uppers show a unique luster, equipped with a mid-sole with an old yellow design. No accidents, another pair of Air Jordan 1 will be mad.

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If you want to take stock of this year's "most popular" CNY Chinese New Year theme sneakers, the <a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com/product-category/air-jordan-sneakers/">Air Jordan 12 CNY</a> theme of the 100-piece clothing will definitely occupy the first and second ranking! Although the volume is large, but because of the superior quality, it is impossible to stop the fans from buying. The classic color of black and white, coupled with the gorgeous blessing of the gold buckle, the effect of tearing open the upper is even more irresistible! In terms of playability and personality, it is also ranked very high in new shoes in recent years. We also demonstrated the gameplay of the upper before, on the one hand is the oversized Jumpman Logo, on the other side is the oversized Swoosh anti-hook, the visual impact of the upper foot is absolutely perfect!

<a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a> update the Air Jordan 4 is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It is sure to have a big wave of new and beautiful colors! As one of the new members of the Air Jordan 4 family, KAWS's co-branded partnerships have maintained a very high popularity in the past two years, both in the first year's gray-skin color matching and last year's black-skin color matching. It is a low-key and trendy art collection.

The new Yeezy in 2019 has slowly surfaced via <a href="https://www.jordans2019shoes.com">Jordans 2019 Shoes</a>. Yesterday we reported that the three semi-transparent "translucent" Yeezy 350 Boost V2 will be released in the spring, and the "Rainbow" color that appeared before in Grandpa's Showroom. I am afraid there is also the possibility of sale! The most interesting thing is that this peach color is in front of you. Although in theory, you can buy the pure white Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Cream White”, and then customize the printing and dyeing into any color, but the official works are always different. In 2018, the volume of goods has been greatly enlarged. What kind of rhythm and style will Yeezy be in 2019? There are currently no official news.