When it comes to the <a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a> generation, everyone must be impressed by the classic black and red color scheme, but the All-Star Air Jordan 6 NRG, which will be released tomorrow, is also worthy of your pick. In addition to restoring OG details, the materials are more abundant, and the volume is not large, which is very collectible. This theme is highlighted by the use of pure black to set off the iconic purple of the Charlotte Hornets. It is complemented by an ice-blue outsole that highlights the simple color scheme. The upper material is also quite elegant. It is made of cow hair that is easy to care for and has a unique luster. The leather on both sides is decorated with snake skin texture, and the luxury temperament is undoubtedly revealed. It is worth mentioning that the heel is embroidered with Nike Air to restore the most OG charm. The effect of the upper foot is also a paradox, finding a balance between coolness and wildness. Because of the simple color matching, it makes it easy to wear, even with a formal dress.

Since the first addition of 4D printing technology to the design of running shoes,<a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com">2019 Sneakers Release</a> the temperament of many shoes has been stimulated from the inside out. Just like the gray-coloured ZX 4000, which was just released in the past few days, the retro ZX series has been reshaped with more technological elements. Recently, the new gray-green color matching Adidas ZX 4000 4D has been exposed again, and this new color is once again eye-catching. The overall design elements of the shoes are gray and white, and the main color scheme of the upper is gray and black. The extensible Primeknit woven mesh is stitched with suede material, striking bright yellow enamel and lace trim, and multiple light blue logos are just right. The combination of the ZX 4000 shoe and the FutureCraft 4D sole is like modern electronic music and classical symphonies. 3D printing technology not only makes the foot feel more comfortable, but also improves the overall support performance; and makes the shoe streamline fuller and upgrades the overall temperament.

In 2019, the madness of <a href="https://www.jordans2019shoes.com">Jordans 2019 Shoes</a> continues. This month, in addition to a pair of lake water green Air Jordan 1 "Turbo Green" will be officially released, yesterday, another pair of heavyweight new color is about to debut. The color scheme was inspired by the NBA's ban on Jordan wearing the black and red Air Jordan 1 during the game, bringing the pair of Air Jordan 1 Defiant “Couture”. It can be seen that these shoes seem to pay tribute to the ads that banned Air Jordan 1 that year. Large black leather upper, striking red square lacquered to the inside and outside of the body, covering the entire Swoosh, the special leather material uppers show a unique luster, equipped with a mid-sole with an old yellow design. No accidents, another pair of Air Jordan 1 will be mad.

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If you want to take stock of this year's "most popular" CNY Chinese New Year theme sneakers, the <a href="https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com/product-category/air-jordan-sneakers/">Air Jordan 12 CNY</a> theme of the 100-piece clothing will definitely occupy the first and second ranking! Although the volume is large, but because of the superior quality, it is impossible to stop the fans from buying. The classic color of black and white, coupled with the gorgeous blessing of the gold buckle, the effect of tearing open the upper is even more irresistible! In terms of playability and personality, it is also ranked very high in new shoes in recent years. We also demonstrated the gameplay of the upper before, on the one hand is the oversized Jumpman Logo, on the other side is the oversized Swoosh anti-hook, the visual impact of the upper foot is absolutely perfect!

<a href="https://www.2019mensjordans.com">2019 Mens Jordans</a> update the Air Jordan 4 is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It is sure to have a big wave of new and beautiful colors! As one of the new members of the Air Jordan 4 family, KAWS's co-branded partnerships have maintained a very high popularity in the past two years, both in the first year's gray-skin color matching and last year's black-skin color matching. It is a low-key and trendy art collection.

The new Yeezy in 2019 has slowly surfaced via <a href="https://www.jordans2019shoes.com">Jordans 2019 Shoes</a>. Yesterday we reported that the three semi-transparent "translucent" Yeezy 350 Boost V2 will be released in the spring, and the "Rainbow" color that appeared before in Grandpa's Showroom. I am afraid there is also the possibility of sale! The most interesting thing is that this peach color is in front of you. Although in theory, you can buy the pure white Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Cream White”, and then customize the printing and dyeing into any color, but the official works are always different. In 2018, the volume of goods has been greatly enlarged. What kind of rhythm and style will Yeezy be in 2019? There are currently no official news.

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<a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/adidas-yeezy-boost-700/">Adidas Yeezy Boost 700</a> has already released two color schemes this year, and after the static color matching of the V2 shoe model, the Yeezy 700 will bring a number of new color combinations in early 2019. The 2019's new products are back to the classic earth style, basically with solid color tones as the main line, including 3 adidas Yeezy 700, and a new Yeezy 700 V2. Among them, Salt and Analog bring a refreshing feeling in light tones, and Inertia and Geode are the unique colors that Kanye is used to, which is difficult to describe and full of personality.

The <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/adidas-ultra-boost-4-0/">adidas Ultra Boost 19</a> features a larger Boost midsole with a 20% increase in material volume, while the body contours and details are redesigned to preserve the family's temperament while providing a more sophisticated technical experience. The launch of the Laser Red laser red color limited edition was released, many friends did not grab it, and soon two new color schemes will be released on January 4. It includes the men's Ultra Boost 19 "Dark Pixel" and the women's silver color scheme, which will be posted on adidas.com's official website at 10 am on January 4.

Unconsciously, today is the last day of 2018. In the past year, nearly one hundred double-pound sneakers have been sold to the sneakers for a lot of fresh blood. The same is true in 2019, not only the OFF-WHITE joint name is still going on, Fear Of God will also have new products for sale, and the "CNY" series will be released one after another. The original color of the original color of Zhan Huang will usher in the first commercial sale. The first sneaker sale in 2019 was really heavy. After reading this, you must take care of your own hands, because you may have to buy more than one pair. However, the first pair of Air Jordan shoes in 2019, <a href="https://www.cadysneakers.com">Air Jordan 12 CNY</a> combines the most classic elements of these three pairs of shoes! For the Chinese New Year, will SneakerHand treat this pair of shoes as their first gift in 2019? However, it is worth mentioning that this month will usher in the "CNY" series of sales months, and friends who like it should not miss these extremely festive shoes design.

Immediately after the arrival of Off-WhiteTM and Nike Air Force 1