I believe Google Calendar requires CalDAV, which is WebDAV + extra layer (files in the correct CalDAV format?). Is Outlook saving its files in the CalDAV format or in the Outlook standard format?

This plugin for Outlook that provides CalDAV support, but I am not sure if it will work with our WebDAV implementation.


Anyone else having a suggestion?


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We are investigating this, it looks like it is a bug in the Linux version of CloudMe Sync. We will need to get a new version out to fix this. Please use the WebUI or WebDAV to upload meanwhile.

We used to have an overwrite option, but it was a little bit dangerous since if someone didn't really understand how it worked, it could potentially overwrite the wrong files.

However if you frequently get many conflicted files (files you have not edited on other deviceS), it might indicate that you have an older version of CloudMe installed than 1.71 and that you need to upgrade. If you have the latest version on all your devices it is likely that somehow your CloudMe sync database has been corrupted. Please uninstall CloudMe and reinstall CloudMe to get a new fresh sync database and most likely get rid of the conflict problem.

Yes you can, you can view the current version using two different methods:

a) Click the white CloudMe logo on the blue top bar to open the About dialog were the version number is displayed (works on all CloudMe Sync versions)

b) Click on the CloudMe icon in the taskbar, go to the Help menu and choose About (later versions of CloudMe Sync)

Yes, this is something we are looking into how to best add. It is high on our priority list smile

This sounds like something is broken and should not normally happen. Please make sure you have the latest version 1.71 of CloudMe Sync installed on all your devices. It is really important in order to avoid conflicts.

If one of your computers are constantly creating these conflicts, then please exit the CloudMe client in the taskbar, then uninstall the entire application (to reset the local database), then reinstall the application and login using the same username. This will unfortunately require you to specify yet another new computer name, but the database will be rebuilt and the conflict problems should end.

Please email us if you continue to get this problem and we will help you investigate further.

Can you please make a screenshot of your View Sync Folders dialog so we can see exactly what is going on. It is correct that previously used names of computer will keep showing up on your iPhone/iPad and Android (but should not show up on the desktop software). We are thinking on a way to allow removal of old synced devices (or ghost devices from renamed devices).

This shouldn't affect the function of your CloudMe account, but visually are a little bit in the way.

Send the screenshot to support @ cloudme.com

Thanks, CloudMe

Have you written an app using the API, then please post some info and possible a link to your app for everyone to try!

Cheers, CloudMe

All API information is now free, open, and available under the following link with code examples. You will find the information on the right side menu:


Cheers, CloudMe

We highly recommend everyone to update CloudMe Sync to 1.71, which is a considerable better software than previous pre-1.70 versions.

This version of CloudMe is built around a database and is therefore much faster and stable, even if the computer is shutdown or put into standby in the middle of a sync. Many of the previous reported problems have been a result of the data about which files that were in sync got damaged or lost, because the app were closed in the middle of saving its information.

You can find the latest version here: [url]https://cloudme.com/install[/url]

All your observations are correct. We default setup the CloudMe sync folder under documents, this is to make it easier for the average user of CloudMe with no settings to think of.

If you need syncing to another folder you can follow these easy steps:

1) Click on the CloudMe icon in your topbar and choose "View sync folders". Right click on the CloudMe folder and choose to make it inactive.

2) Click on the "+" icon and in the left view, choose the top directory you want to sync. On the right side, choose Documents -> CloudMe (the destination folder in the cloud for the CloudMe sync folder).

You should now have a manually setup sync folder that sync your top folder to the CloudMe folder, which will then be synced through the CloudMe blue folder to your Linux computers.

If you do not want to have the top directory setup to sync through the CloudMe blue folder, you can create any other folder in the cloud to sync it to, since CloudMe support syncing of multiple folders at once.



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Hi Ermak,

Right click on the CloudMe icon in the taskbar, choose View sync folders and make sure all your synced folders are "active", if not, click on them and the Activate button to make sure they all are.

If you right click on a folder, you may change the "Sync method" from scheduled to automatic. Automatic is the same as "Hotsync". Make sure all are automatic and active and you should be all fine.

After doing the above settings, you can click the "Sync now" button to be extra sure that all the latest changes have been transferred. Before shutting down you computer or hibernating it, it is important to make sure that all changed files are synced first, otherwise, you might be editing an older version on another computer and thereby get a conflict. It is a good practice to double click on the CloudMe icon and press "Sync now" before closing your computer and continuing work and another computer.


We do have an open API, but have not yet had the time to publish all the documentation. Please contact us at the support email and we will send you all information and a SDK to get started. We intend to have documentation regarding the SOAP/REST API + example Java SDK to quickly get started with ready objects and methods abstracting the core level API within the next months.

CloudMe may be used to sync information between devices, store settings files and information from your apps and the file system may almost be used as a light version of an object oriented database.

Please use this thread to discuss how to best use the API, questions about best practices etc.



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Please email us at support@cloudme.com, we need to know some more to look into this;

- Web browser and version
- Operating system
- Type of file you tried to upload

Thanks, CloudMe

We do not currently support this feature, but it is a great idea that we will consider.

Thanks, CloudMe


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Yes, it is the creation date. After further reviewing this, we will fix this and show the modified date. We got it mixed up when doing a fix for photos.

Since we just did a release, next one will be in early August.

Thanks for reporting.



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Yes that is the correct email address. We are not yet following what you have done.

It sounds like you moved the files out of the CloudMe folder on your windows computer to another folder on your computer. This will delete the files on your CloudMe account (since you emptied the CloudMe folder), but they should still be on your computer to the folder were you dragged your photos.

If you login to CloudMe through a web browser, go to the Blue Folder and click the Trashcan icon, you can undelete all files you have deleted for the last 60 days.

Please send us an email to be able to help you further.

Thanks, CloudMe


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Hi Drew,

Any files deleted for the past 60 days are still available within CloudMe if you login to your account using a web browser. Click on the trashcan icon in the folder with photos and you will be able to undelete them.

It is a little bit unclear what you did with your account, so in order to help you, can you please describe more of which steps you took and email us under support at cloudme.com, and we will personally help you make the correct configuration in CloudMe.

Also, please make sure you have the latest version of CloudMe Sync installed, [url]https://cloudme.com/install,[/url] we launched a new version yesterday.

Best, CloudMe Team


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Thanks for your questions.

1) We never reactivate user account names and re-cycle them. So unfortunately your old account name will be lost. This is out of security reasons.

2) When the market share for Windows Phone increases, we will most likely build an app for that platform too. Meanwhile, our API's are open, so maybe we will see a client from a CloudMe user :)

Thanks Per, this is a good idea and we will try and fit this in our product road map :-)

CloudMe Team

Please install CloudMe on your computer ([url]https://cloudme.com/install[/url]). In the taskbar, find the CloudMe icon and right click on it. Choose "Add Sync Folder".

Create a folder on your local computer and find the folder in CloudMe that contains the group of files and folders that you want to download on the right side.

Default, it will be setup as a "bidirectional" sync folder. Right click on your new folder (it is in the "View Sync Folders" dialog that is opened after you added your new sync folder). Go to the "Sync Type" menu item and select "Download".

Now you have setup an automatic download sync for you files. You may choose to have it permanently or right click on the sync folder again after it is completed and choose to remove the sync folder.

As an alternative to the above, you may choose to mount CloudMe as a network drive on your computer and access its entire cloud file system as a hard drive. From here you can drag an drop entire folders using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Please read more about WebDAV here: [url]https://cloudme.com/webdav[/url]

We have a new scheduled CloudMe Sync release next week, hopefully we can manage to include a bug fix for this in the release.

You can view which your synced devices are through the CloudMe web interface. Login through [url]https://cloudme.com[/url], go to the Synced-tab and selected the CloudMe folder. In the right menu you will then find "View Sync Devices".

Unfortunately you cannot remove devices yet, but this is something we intend to support.


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We have now finally located the bug, it was a failure to add an update listener for the folder. We hope to push out a new version of the CloudMe Sync software next week.

Meanwhile, if you hit the Sync Now button on the CloudMe Sync user interface, it should sync over the missing files anyway.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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We are working on ways to improve the dialog when you add a folder. You can achieve the desired effect today if you do:

1. Add the folder as before
2. Right click the folder and choose to Inactivate it (this stops preparation for sync)
3. Right click the folder and choose Sync Type -> Upload
4. Activate the folder again

Setting sync type should of course be possible to do at the time you add the folder. Thanks for making us aware.

Best, CloudMe Team


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Hi Bengt,

Yes, one-way sync has always been part of CloudMe Sync. To get started, double click on the CloudMe icon in the taskbar, choose View Sync Folders and click on the folder you want to configure. Here you can choose bidirectional (default), upload or download as the sync type. You may also change to folder to scheduled and only have it synced once a day or week. Right click on folder for these options.

You may find more information in the online advanced help:


Best, CloudMe Team