I am using files and folder apis but facing the following issues -

1. Folder and File list Api do not return more than 10 items. Is there any concept of pagination or to increase the result set size.
2. Search a file within a folder does not work if file has space(s). It returns the non-unique result and based on some pattern match. I have a filename and i just want to call the getFile api to get the CloudmeFile object.

Can anyone please help me on this. Thanks in Advance!



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I need to develop an app which can use CloudMe services, for this I need to know details of open API calls provided by you. I have gone through with the following API link, but I couldn't found any documentation/details about these API's provided by you.

API Link: [url]https://www.cloudme.com/en/api[/url]

Please provide API details, so I can move forward with the app development.