Thanks for letting us know smile

It has taken longer time than anticipated but we are getting closer to have it available smile

Yes, it should work with all OSX from 10.6 and forward, it also works with XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 etc.


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Thanks for the report, can you please email us the file cache.db and all log files under the logs/ folder for CloudMe so we can investigate what the problem is to support at

Thanks, CloudMe Team


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Thanks for your ideas! We have had more advanced sharing before with full access control to files and folders, but moved into the simplified WebShares, as the previous one with total control was too complex to use for most users - resulting in that people refrained from sharing since it took longer time.

We have to think and see were and if we should add back some more complexity. Sometimes it is needed. You can solve this by setting up multiple WebShares and/or sharing single files.

The permit download flag is something we have in our roadmap and plan to develop. WebShares that will be set to non-downloadable also needs to apply restrictions to CloudMe Sync, so if followed, it will not be downloaded anyway through our sync software. We will also make it harder to download images from such WebShares.

Best, CloudMe Team

Thanks, would be great to have some testers, please email us at support at, so we know how to contact you! We need to see where we can fit this in our product road map, but will try to fit it in as soon as possible. So we can't make any promises on timing yet :-)

Best, CloudMe Support


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Hi Curtis,

Sounds like we need to add the ability for proxy configuration. We have a new version of CloudMe Sync that is scheduled to be released within the next weeks, but we will make sure to get proxy support into the next release.

Thanks for letting us know.

Feel free to use CloudMe to share photos with clients. Any business may use CloudMe to share files with clients, suppliers and employees.

We have some useful features also in planned development for photographers.

Hi Robin,

Thanks for starting to use CloudMe :)

A shared folder can be accessed through any of the clients that we offer; browser, computer (desktop client), iPhone, iPad, Android, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV and WebDAV.

Make sure CloudMe Sync is installed on both computers ([url][/url])

The second account needs to follow the WebShare/Collaboration folder and it will appear under Following. The computer associated with the second account will then ask if you want to sync the new followed folder. If you do, the same folder will be on both computers.

If the requester that asks if you want to follow does not appear or you answered No to the question before, just choose Add Sync Folder and choose a local folder and in the right side folder tree, choose Following and the name of the shared folder.

We suggest the use of WebShare's with the type Collaboration for shared folders synced to computers. This enables both computers to edit/delete/rename files and add new sub folders.

Best, CloudMe Support

You are right, there is no easy solution to this. We will start to think about how we can solve this and put it into our long term development plan. There will not be a quick fix to enable file locking.

Meanwhile, the best solution is probably to create multiple version of a file with a file date and initials of the person editing the document as the work in progress version, while others are reading the version with initials in the end.

It is not as elegant, but gets the job done using a convention. It wont just enforce the convention in a team.

Best, CloudMe

Hi J,

This is an interesting suggestion. We do not currently do file locking, CloudMe will however save each edited version and keep all prior revisions for the past 60 days (can be restored with the help of trashcan icon).

You can share the same folder two times, if shared as a pure WebShare it is read only, if shared as a Collaboration folder, people will be able to edit, delete and update its contents.

It wont be perfect for you, but partly solves the problem.

Best, CloudMe Support

Hi Mandal,

Sorry for late answer. The API call is the following (page 46 in the more complete documentation):

Create Webshare: POST [url=\userId\/webshares]\"userId\"/webshares[/url]
Creates a new webshare for the user with id userId

We create a new webshare for the user with id 15151241

Outgoing message
POST [url][/url] HTTP/1
And attach the webshare message in the body, an example is
<webshare name='webshareName' password='password' description='description'><folder id='562958
546675878' name='hej'/></webshare>"

Incoming answer
<webshare id='646307' userId='12885514210' name='webshareName' description='description' visib
ility='public' password='password' type='' created='2012-10-22T10:08:34Z' updated='2012-10-
22T10:08:34Z'><folder name='hej' id='562958546675878'/></webshare>

You can find full API documentation here:

Best, CloudMe Team

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your question. CloudMe allow you to share any size of account, 25 GB, 100 GB, 200 GB, 500 GB, 2 TB or 5 TB to free CloudMe accounts (non paid for accounts).

Following a shared folder does not count towards your quota as most of our competitors do. This means that someone following a shared folder does not need a paid for account :-)

This make it convenient to use one large account and share the space with several smaller free accounts in a company, organization or in a project.  Think of it as a shared file server in the cloud.

You can also collaborate and upload content into a folder using the WebShare link without even having a CloudMe account. Collaboration folders in other solutions require all parties to have an account in the service.

Best regards,
CloudMe Support