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Hi florence12,

Welcome to CloudMe!  Now that you've popped in to say hi, feel free to leave a comment or question you may have about our service.  We appreciate you joining in the conversation here!

Look forward to hearing from you again!

First you need to share the folder were your files resides in.

To share a folder:
1. Log in to cloudme.com
2. Select "chosen_folder" and share it using the green Share icon in the menu to the right
3. Choose "Copy to clipboard" or enter the email addresses to friends to invite
4. Done! If you copied the URL/link to the clipboard, you can now paste it in an address field for a web browser and see the published WebShare folder

[b]Important to know before cancelling your subscription[/b]

Even after cancelling your subscription, you can still keep your account for free. To keep your account for free, delete enough files from your account until you have less than 3 GB remaining. After your subscription has ended, your account will automatically revert back to a free 3 GB account and retain the same username and password.

To cancel your subscription, go to:


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Hi stabro99,

When you make changes to a Word file on your Android, the file is first downloaded to your Android where the changes are made and saved.  Therefore, the changes are not made "in your CloudMe account" but rather on your phone. 

Solution: After making changes to the downloaded document on your phone, upload it to the same folder it came from in your CloudMe account.  The changed document will then be available on both your Android phone and on the web!


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Hi naveenj,

You should have automatically received your extra 500 MB of bonus space when your friend registered for a free 3 GB CloudMe account by clicking on the referral link you sent.

Please send us an email to support@cloudme.com and include your friend's CloudMe username so we can look into this for you!


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Hi robin-m1,

As you can see on our [url=https://www.cloudme.com/en/pricing]pricing page[/url], it depends on which account you have.

The 3 and 25 GB accounts have an upload file size limit of 150 MB.

The 100 and 500 GB accounts do not have an upload file size limit.

It is most likely due to your anti-virus program.

We have seen that the anti-virus program - Avast causes this problem. 

What it does is block HTTPS requests from our servers. So what you need to do is to make an exclusion of the CloudMe process to your Web Shield in Avast.




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Hi nddefossez,

Your proxy should only need to pass forward traffic through port 80 or 443 for access to the CloudMe Sync application.

Hi messinger!

To remove the CloudMe Blue Folder icon from your Windows desktop, just delete it.  However, make sure not to log out of CloudMe Sync because the shortcut will be recreated every time you log back in to CloudMe Sync.

We will be fixing this in our next update.


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Hi Lathor,

It is currently not possible to move the Blue Folder to another location. 

However, the good news is that you can create another (or as many as you want!) sync folder that acts just like the Blue Folder and place it wherever you like. Just download the [url=http://http://www.cloudme.com/en/sync?r=1349185901075&logout=1]CloudMe Sync application[/url] to create a new sync folder.  The key here is that you change the Sync Type to "Hotsync".

To create a new Hotsync folder:
1. Click "Add a sync folder"
2. Choose the locations of the folders you are syncing or create a new folder in each location to be synced
3. Click "OK"
4. Under Sync Types, choose "Hotsync" (Note: The folder color changes from yellow to red to show that it is now a Hotsync folder)

Please be aware that just like within the Blue Folder, any additions or [b]deletions[/b] made within the folder on your computer will be hotsynced (instantaneously synced) with your folder in your CloudMe account and vice versa.


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Hi liviutoma,

CloudMe stores all file types - pictures, video, music and documents.

Which part of our service were you uploading from?
  -the Web Access, cloudme.com
  -one of our mobile apps, CloudMe iPhone/Android
  -the Blue Folder
  -the CloudMe Sync application

What was the error message you received?

Feel free to send us a screenshot to support@cloudme.com for personalized help!

Yes!  All bonus space that you have earned is yours to keep even when you upgrade your account to 25, 100 or  500 GB.


You start off with a free 3 GB account. 
Then your refer friends to CloudMe and earn 16 GB of free bonus space.
So now you have 19 GB of free space on your account.
When you upgrade to say 25 GB, the total space on your account will be 41 GB.  (of which 16 GB is your earned bonus space)

Your bonus space is yours to keep no matter what size account you have to begin with nor what size account you upgrade to.

Enjoy your extra bonus space!


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Hi aderowswell,

Yes! We recommend [url=http://mixpod.com/]MixPod.com[/url]. 

When creating a new playlist on MixPod, you are given the option, "Add URL".  This is where you insert the URL to the mp3 you have shared from your CloudMe account.

How to get the songs URL:
1. Share an mp3 from your CloudMe account by selecting the song and then clicking on the link Share icon
2. Verify that you have the right to be sharing this information
3. Click on the blue link under "Link to this WebShare"
4. "Copy link address" by right clicking on the mp3 file now visible in the WebShare

There may be other playlists that work with CloudMe but as of now, this is the only one we have received positive feedback from our users about.

To delete a file from the CloudMe iPhone app:

-Swipe to the left over the name of the file you wish to delete

-Tap the red delete button.


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Hi again,

See our latest blog post for more information on [url=http://blog.cloudme.com/mountain-lion/cloudme-and-mountain-lion//]CloudMe and Mountain Lion[/url].

To open a document when logged in to your account on [url]cloudme.com[/url] just double-click on the file and it will be downloaded to your local computer for access.

After changes are made to it, you can then reupload it to your CloudMe account.

To uninstall CloudMe Sync, you first need to close the app.

To close CloudMe Sync:
- Right click on the blue cloud icon in the tray at the bottom right corner of your screen and select "Exit".

To uninstall CloudMe Sync:
- Go to:
Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (uninstall a program)

Are you are receiving the following error?

"Failed to log in

User or password is wrong"

Then either the username or the password you are entering is incorrect.

Incorrect username:
- Make sure you are not entering an email address. CloudMe does not accept email addresses as usernames.
- Confirm your username by entering your [u]registered email address[/u] at [url]my.cloudme.com[/url]. We will display all accounts connected to your email.
- Case sensitive: Please write the username with the same upper and lower case letters as it is listed on the above link

Incorrect password:
- Change your password by entering your registered email address at [url]sos.cloudme.com/recover[/url].


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Hi timdodgeman,

Check out the link to our API & Developer Resources page!


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Hi sobrenner,

CloudMe is currently looking into the connection issues that have arisen due to the changes Apple made in their software upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have a fix in place shortly.


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Great idea! We are currently looking into this and hope to have it as a option in a future release.

Thanks for leaving the tip maps4vips!

Hi Christian,

Great tip for connecting to CloudMe from Zotero!

The only thing I would add is that you can create your zotero folder in any CloudMe folder, not necessarily at the root level.  The root level, xios, is equivalent to "Cloud Drive"

Ex.  If you wish to have your zotero folder in your Documents folder:
(Cloud Drive>Documents>zotero)

The url would then be:


Kind Regards,

Step 1. Log in to your CloudMe account

Step 2. Create a folder named, "zotero”, in your Documents folder
(ex.  Cloud Drive> Documents> zotero)
-zotero must be typed in lowercase

Step 3. To Connect Zotero to CloudMe - use the following URL:
-use https
-your CloudMe username must be typed in lowercase
-Documents must by typed with a capital "D"

Yes. Your CloudMe password is hashed one-way, which means that we do not store your password in a readable form and it cannot be decrypted/restored to a clear text. This is also the reason why we cannot retrieve your lost password and why you must create a new password.