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Let me chime in to this topic, I actually signed up for Cloudme in order to use it with my WD TV, but honestly this part is really dissapointing.

I have put one video onto Cloudme and a copy onto a memory stick. WD TV plays the movie from the memory stick but not from CloudMe.

The ones I can play from CloudMe are poorly running, again, the same movie played via Memory Stick is fine and brilliant.

Please, review this feature/app and make it work.




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I must say, the App for iOS does not really work properly.

For both devices, when I upload fotos manually, it is driving me crazy. The app crashes all the time. Constantly and consistently. It takes me 15 minutes to upload 2 or 3 pictures sometimes, just because the app keeps on crashing.
All I do is, in a certain folder I select Upload Photo/Video, I select the pictures, hit done, and goes back to the app. Sometimes it crashes now. Sometimes I can go to the folder into which I am uploading to monitor the process, and it crashes right away or when I scroll down a little.
Just very few times I can just upload photos without trouble, but that is just 1 out of 10 attempts.

And, on the iPad mini, the app can only really be used when I hold the device in portrait mode. When I turn it into landscape, the bottom of the app is gone and the right third of the screen is black, the app doesn't follow the turn. On the iPhone it does not turn into landscape at all.

I love using CloudMe and prefer it over Box or Dropbox, and I am actively using it for multiple activities, and the way I can use the apps is marvelous, if they would work properly.

Please, fix the apps, thank you