Topic: Tried iCloud Drive

Tried iCloud Drive (for the third time), it's still not fit for purpose.
I have the 200GB plan for iCloud. I also have a Dropbox subscription. Over the weekend I planned to move everything over from Dropbox.

This would be the third time giving iCloud Drive a chance in the last few years.

So I started on Friday night with a few folders totalling 17GB (I had more to move over, but thought I'd start slowly). On Sunday morning they still weren't in iCloud. Throughout Saturday I had to turn WIFI on an off to try and get it to start syncing again after it would stop for no apparent reason.

On Sunday morning I moved everything back to Dropbox and it had synced in an hour.

Anyone actually able to use iCloud with large volumes of data?

Edit: Uploaded files this weekend. No problems at all and it was quite fast (not as fast as Dropbox though). Not sure what the issue was before. Anyway, happy it's working/