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The Chinese traditional game Mahjong [Photo: huanqiu]
China is considering the idea of putting forward a formal application to the International Olympic Committee to consider the traditional Chinese game of Mahjong as an Olympic event. "With Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympics [url=]cheap nike air max 90 junior uk[/url] , we hope that 'mind sports' could become Olympic events at this time," said Chen Zelan, a deputy director of the General Administration of Sport.

Mahjong recently became the sixth officially-recognized 'mind sport' by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA), following bridge [url=]cheap nike air max 90 mens uk[/url] , chess, Go, Chinese chess and international checkers. In an effort to support and promote 'mind sports,' Chen Zelan says authorities have put forward Mahjong and other 'mind sports' as an option to make the Games more interesting.

"Some tropical countries [url=]cheap nike air max 90 womens uk[/url] , due to various limitations, won't take part in the Winter Olympics. Thus, the IOC is always looking at ways to expand the global reach of the Winter Games. Snow and ice events, plus indoor events [url=]nike air max 90 free shipping uk[/url] , could increase the coverage," said Chen.

"Beijing is to host 2022 Winter Olympics, so at this point we're only discussing the option with Beijing organizers," said Chen. "But because the host country is traditionally allowed to put forward demonstration sports to Olympic Games [url=]nike air max 90 online uk[/url] , if the IMSA can reach an agreement with the IOC, then we might consider putting Mahjong forward as a test event."

The term jewelry now just isn’t just restricted to women. These days you discover many Men??s Designer Jewelry as well as the corporations too follow new trend and fashion??
Designer jewelry for men isn’t a brand new term. During the ancient days men employed to wear jewelry to symbolize their wealth and popularity inside society. Even in the primitive age men wore jewelry like necklaces. Recently the archeologists have observed a men??s necklace made of shells that’s estimated being 100,000 many years old.

Men of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia [url=]nike air max 90 sale uk[/url] , tribal of Africa all used to wear heavy chains along with other fashion ornaments. It was only from the last century how the men restricted themselves from wearing jewelry. They wore easy bracelets, wedding rings and cuff pins and put an end towards fashion desire.

Now, jewelry just isn’t restricted to women alone. The fashion marketplace is now creating designer jewelry for men matching their outfits. The young adults are also daring and they want to wear some thing new which will make the heads turn. This thirst for fashion has driven the fashion companies to design jewels for men.

Every piece of jewelry like necklace, rings [url=]nike air max 90 shoes uk[/url] , nose rings, eyebrow rings, heavy chains are now developed exclusively for men. Men??s designer jewelry can also be produced popular by the celebrities. After they set a trend for ornaments, men and women rush on the stores to buy the 1 which is worn by their popular star.

Men now wear jewelry to match their outfits and to supply to others that are usually following the fashion trend. These designer jewelries add a touch of style to their glimpse and several daring adults are wearing huge ornaments to attain the attraction. But commonly men prefer large designs with minute crafts. Tender and elegant designs are loved only women.

The men??s designer jewelry market has clearly understood the requirements of a man and large amount of designs is now introduced from the market. The skull designs are usually popular between men. These designs became more popular of the ??Pirates in the carribean?? movie.

A designer jewelry will probably be produced of platinum or gold. These pieces are going to be high-priced but they’re worth the money. In case you have more money to afford for style and fashion it is possible to go for jewelry produced of platinum. The celebrities are now wearing large pendants with diamonds on them. There are many designer companies during the marketplace that model a jewel at a much reduced rate. They use an inexpensive material and the crafts are going to be simple. But today cheap jewelry that resembles an antique piece is available. Young adults are crazy about those pieces as they are able to compliment their look at a much lower rate.

More comprehensive designs are now offered from the men??s fashion jewelry field as against the women. These designer pieces decorate the neck [url=]nike air max 90 junior uk[/url] , ears, writs, ankles and fingers. More and far more new designs are introduced daily for wearing them on aesthetic occasions.

If you are fond in the modern-day fashion trends it is possible to really buy a designer jewelry to wear on occasions. But it is advisable to think about the cash you spend on these men??s designer jewelries. Watches and shoes are also regarded as as men??s designer wears.

Many companies are inside industry market high-priced pieces. Those who can afford can buy them without the need of worrying around the money. But a favorite man should think twice just before investing in these fashion pieces as they just flatter your looks and they have no other advantage. A single far better selection is to research jewelry without having designer tags. These also have the same artistic values but they lack the tag and hence they are cheaper. The cheap men??s designer jewelry is going to be gold bonded. With the rising cost of gold, this will be a better option.

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