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LONDON [url=]Francisco Cervelli Jersey[/url] , May 15 (Xinhua) -- An exclusive private school in London is exploring whether boy students should be allowed to wear skirts as part of an overhaul of its uniform policy.

Highgate School in London, which charges fees of around 26,000 U.S. dollars a year, has launched a consultation with students and parents about introducing gender neutral uniforms.

Girl students are already allowed to wear grey trousers, dark blue jackets and ties. Boys are not currently allowed to wear grey pleated skirts worn by their female classmates [url=]Felipe Vazquez Jersey[/url] , although they would be under the new proposed dress code.

Media in Britain said mix-and-match outfits for male and female students at Highgate were being considered after head teachers said that growing numbers of children were questioning their gender. The school is also looking at unisex toilets and open all sports to all pupils irrespective of gender.

Head teacher Adam Pettitt said the issue of a gender neutral uniform had come up during question and answer sessions with his A-Level students.

He said young people were questioning the binary way people look at things, adding: "We're exploring how our uniform policy could evolve to cater for those who do want to match clothing to gender, as well as those who don't."

Pettitt added: "We are seeing greater numbers of pupils questioning gender identity than in the past. The fact that there is significantly greater support and information available, both in schools and elsewhere, means that young people need no longer feel afraid to ask questions or speak out about their feelings. If they feel happier and more secure in who they are [url=]David Freese Jersey[/url] , it must be a good thing."

Pettitt said parents would be consulted before changes were introduced, but acknowledged that some former pupils had written to complain the school was "promoting the wrong ideas."

Highgate School is hosting a conference next month which will examine how teachers should approach issues raised by transgender and gender neutral students.

More than 2,000 under-18s were referred to the Gender Identity Clinic at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in north London last year, compared to just 100 referrals when the clinic started its service eight years ago.

If you work with the granite maintenance and washing methods that follow for your counter tops, you are going to strip away quite a number of potential issues without ever being required to think about it.

Do: Clean surfaces by using a sponge or gentle cloth. If at all possible utilize a specially formulated stone cleanser [url=]Dave Parker Jersey[/url] , but warm water and also a simple liquid dish soap will do for instant clean-ups. But, regular or too much use of soap results in build-up and can easily wear out your countertop gloss.

Day-to-day: Hot water and a sponge is ample to clean up spillages and also particles and keep your counter surfaces clean and tidy 24 hours a day. At nighttime, a final spray and wipe of the very most predominantly used areas with a natural stone cleaner will suitably cleanse, disinfect as well as preserve your counter tops.

Every week: Use the natural stone cleaner covering the the entire working surface.

Quarterly: Polishes, revitalizers and colour enhancers should be considered (if preferable) sporadically for the ultimate in granite kitchen counter upkeep.

Do: Re-apply sealant on an annual basis. Annual re-sealing is a great concept. It’s really a very easy endeavor but will make sure that your worktops are well shielded from discoloration.

Do: Blot spills straight away. Acidic substances such as wine [url=]Corey Dickerson Jersey[/url] , caffeinated drinks, fruit drinks, tomato spices as well as fizzy drinks can easily etch the actual polish or dye the surface. Start using coasters underneath cups, plastic bottles and cans.

Don鈥檛: Allow grimy plates to stack up round the washing up bowl. Cooking oils may also leave behind a blemish if it is not cleaned away. Having regular correct sealing, this is unlikely [url=]Colin Moran Jersey[/url] , although not impossible.

Do: Make full useage of chopping boards when you are slicing fruit and vegetables. Despite the fact that granite is thought to be essentially scratch invulnerable and can also take a great deal of use without any subsequent destruction, it does comprise a handful of softer minerals which can be chipped or scratched. The odds are somewhat slim, yet it is actually possible. If this does take place, do not worry too much. Nearly all chips and scuff marks can be easily resolved, yet it’s much better to prevent them. Equally take into consideration that chopping on stone may perhaps dull and destroy your own chef’s knives.

Do: Use trivets and hot pads underneath pots [url=]Chad Kuhl Jersey[/url] , pans and tableware. Obviously, you are able to take a very hot pot off of the cooker and set it directly on granite without having any issues. Granite is amazingly heat-resistant, nonetheless, you must take into consideration other concerns also. Dirt which often becomes trapped in between the pot and the countertop work surface might scrape the finish. Besides that, in the event you remove the burning hot tray from the countertops [url=]Bill Mazeroski Jersey[/url] , the surface can be very hot and could burn anyone who directly touches it.

Don’t: Incorporate common washing products and solutions like harsh detergents, glass cleansing agents or perhaps degreasers. These kinds of products include acids, alkalis in conjunction with other chemical substances which could etch or destroy the counter tops covering or maybe break down the granite sealer making the natural stone more vulnerable to discoloration.

Don’t: Apply vinegar, ammonia, lemon or orange as cleansing agents. Just as above [url=]Barry Bonds Jersey[/url] , these kinds of products may possibly etch or spoil the countertop work surface as well as weaken the granite sealer.

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