Topic: Today, my mother asked

Today, my mother asked me to write math homework, hehe! What I hate most is the math problem. When I opened this book, my mother said to me, "Little sloppy, don't be sloppy again." I said angrily: "Mom, I have to go wrong without playing a computer for a week." Mom said "Well, it seems that someone can't play on the computer for a week." I didn't take care of my mother and started to write []Cheapest Newports Cigarettes[/url]. The first few roads were not bad []Cheap Newport 100[/url], but then I started to be arrogant again. It is really simple to write and say! Soon the arrogant virus came to my body again. In the end []Newport Box 100S Carton[/url], I also got the best answer, not allowed to play computer for a week. Mom also changed from a little sloppy to a big sloppy, God, sb, please stay away from me! On the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, in this festive festival, our students are like birds in the cage and can only learn at school.the bright fluorescent lights, one by one read hard. Sitting at the window, I can't be calm. The vast moon hangs in the air, revealing the sadness of the silk. The sound of firecrackers was constantly coming, and a bunch of fireworks burst brightly in the night sky. My heart has already ran to the crowd of people who are visiting the lanterns []Marlboro Lights Online[/url].as hoping to invite the table to enjoy it, but I saw a striking word on the blackboard: "Whoever is talking in the classroom, he is ready to be stopped - the head teacher" swallowed when he finally reached his mouth. This strict "policy" allows me to only taste the loneliness of "shadowing three people." Hey, maybe the new "policy" of the class teacher hen I was thinking about it, the teacher in charge of the class was "as scheduled." I thought to myself: It is too harsh to supervise us on the 15th of the first month. I saw the teacher carrying a mysterious red bag and went to the podium. He said softly: "Today is the Lantern Festival. The teacher asks everyone to have something to eat." Everyone's face was filled with a smile. The teacher gave you some bean cakes and sweets, and the face was an uninterrupted smile. The entrance of the brown-black bean cake is melted and turned into a sweet and straight heart. It turned out that the teacher is so intimate. teacher stood beside the podium and his eyes cast into the night sky outside the window. I clearly saw a glimpse of a sigh in his eyes. It turns out that the teacher also has his own Lantern Festival []Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale[/url]. You also want to spend this good time with your family. However, I know that you can't worry about us and give orks outside the window dyed the night sky, and they bloom beautifully. Teacher, aren't you like the fireworks? Burn yourself and illuminate the night sky that we know in life. Some things are not seen by sight. Our young heart only knows your sternness, but has never seen your unselfish love through the surface.e middle of the scene, there is a picture in front of you: under the desk lamp, it is the figure of your work at the desk. After each essay change, you will take the initiative to find students to interview. During the lectures, you often read the texts with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Sometimes you will knock on the blackboard or hold a pair of glasses for the rest of your life... The time of three years is like a white pass, and the teacher has injected a lot of effort into us!e always at our side, setting an example for us and pointing out the maze. You are around us, giving us the inexhaustible motivation to move forward.