Topic: "Instead of letting culture 'sleep' in corners or

NEW YORK [url=]Wholesale Brooklyn Nets Jersey[/url] , Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, Monday unveiled a proposal for a "millionaires tax" to help fix the city's beleaguered subways.

The plan would tax city residents with annual incomes of more than 500,000 U.S. in order to raise money for the subway improvements of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), de Blasio said at a press conference at the city's Brooklyn Borough Hall.

The roughly 0.5-percent income tax hike would apply to the roughly 1 percent of the city's taxpayers would generate about 800 million dollars annually, and it would also fund reduced-price MetroCards for low-income riders.

The mayor called for lawmakers of the New York State [url=]Wholesale Boston Celtics Jersey[/url] , which runs the MTA, to pass the proposal "so the rest of us can live our lives here in the city."

Joseph J. Lhota, MTA Chairman rolled out a nearly 1-billion-U.S.-dollar emergency subway repair plan late July, promising to put the brake on nightmarish delays and derailments of the subways within one year. He suggested the city and the state split the cost evenly.

New York's subway has long been the lifeblood of the city. However, the number of subway delays partly due to the aging infrastructure tripled in the past five years, to 70 [url=]Wholesale Atlanta Hawks Jersey[/url] ,000 per month, according to a report last month. About 5.7 million people take the subway on an average weekday.

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NANCHANG, June 15 (Xinhua) -- A 3,000-year-old kiln in Jingdezhen, China's ceramic capital [url=]Wholesale Dallas Mavericks Jersey[/url] , has been fired up again, in the country's latest attempt to bring historic culture to the general public.

On Saturday, China's ninth Cultural Heritage Day, sightseers were invited to witness and even participate in porcelain making using the antique facility in the eastern Jiangxi Province.

"I was so excited by the workshop. It immersed me in history," said Li Shanwei, a tourist from Shenzhen in southern China.

Cultural Heritage Day was established by the Chinese government to raise public awareness and make the vast Chinese collection of cultural artifacts more accessible to casual viewers. Jingdezhen is trying to keep alive the craftsmanship that has sustained it for centuries by combining tourism and production.

The city has also started construction of an industrial park [url=]Wholesale Denver Nuggets Jersey[/url] , dubbed "Mingfanyuan," which will showcase the skills of porcelain producers and allow them to run workshops teaching their crafts.

To pass cultural practices down through generations and ensure their survival, it is important to find ways to integrate them into modern life, said Liu Qingzhu, former director of the Institute of Archaeology under the China Academy of Social Sciences.

Jingdezhen is doing just that. At local scenic spot Jindezhen Ancient Kiln, kilns from the Song [url=]Wholesale Detroit Pistons Jersey[/url] , Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties are preserved or replicated.

Every year since 2006, one or two of the kilns have been refired to produce porcelain goods and provide displays for visitors.


China is rich in historic cultural resources, holding 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 30 featured on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, ranking second and first respectively worldwide.

There are nearly 770,000 registered unmovable cultural relics in the country. The latest national archaeological survey put the figure for movable relics at more than 20 million.

However [url=]Wholesale Golden State Warriors Jersey[/url] , only a small number of these examples of cultural heritage are open to the public.

It is estimated that Chinese museums only showcase 10 percent of their collections while the rest are in storerooms. Over 50 percent of the stored items have been damaged.

Intangible cultural heritage can be defined as song, music, dance, drama, crafts and similar skills that can be recorded but not touched or interacted with. Much of it is on the verge of disappearing due to an absence of protective measures and the gradual dying-out of practitioners.

While many are coming up with new gimmicks to make old culture more appealing, experts have called for care and sensitivity in how this is done.

"The most important rule of protecting cultural heritage is retaining its completeness and authenticity [url=]Wholesale Houston Rockets Jersey[/url] ," said Sun Keqin, professor at China University of Geosciences (Beijing).

He believes that many historical sites in China have been over-developed, becoming "too modernized, urbanized, and commercialized."

Go to any Chinese mountain or ancient town and you will increasingly see cable cars, elevators and other 21st-century conveniences. These moves are changing the original appearances and damaging cultural credentials [url=]Wholesale Indiana Pacers Jersey[/url] , Sun warned.


Mei Lianhua, a council member of the China Folklore Society, praised the type of initiative seen in Jingdezhen, where antiques are being brought back into use.

"Now, we are coming to expect a positive way of preserving cultural heritage. It can be called productive protection," said Mei.

"Instead of letting culture 'sleep' in corners or on the verge of disappearance [url=]Wholesale Los Angeles Clippers Jersey[/url] , the country should find ways to let it re-enter our lives. Its vitality will be revived with proper utilization and appreciation."

Indeed, cities and cultural organizations around the country are making efforts along these lines.

In May this year, Nanjing Museum in east China's Jiangsu Province invited 100 citizens to its "core storeroom" to appreciate its large unexhibited collections.

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