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Today, in order to promote drugs harmful to humans, the school showed us a promotional video in the afternoon. The most impressive thing about me was that a mother sold her lost three-year-old to a drug dealer because she was not poisoned. The drug dealer burned him with cigarette butts every day, kicked him with his feet, and didn't give him food... Later, the police rescued the lost. When the mother saw that she did not know how to lose, it surprised the people present. Through this promotional film, we have a deep understanding of the harm of drug abuse to the human body: drugs act on the human body, causing adaptive changes in the body's physical energy, forming a new equilibrium state under the action of drugs. Once the drug is stopped, the physiological function will be disordered, and a series of serious reactions, called withdrawal reactions, will cause people to feel very painful. In order to avoid withdrawal reaction, the drug user must regularly take the drug and continue to increase the dose so that drug users can not be separated from drugs. Common drugs are: opium, heroin, ice, marijuana, diced, caffeine, cocaine.sent, the most popular one on the market is ice poison, so the damage is the biggest. Ice has a strong central nervous system excitatory effect, has a strong mental dependence, and has serious harm to the human body. After taking it, it is characterized by hyperactivity []Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online[/url], emotional impulses, hyperactivity, dance, paranoia, delusion, decreased self-discipline, and hallucinations and violent tendencies []Marlboro 100'S Carton[/url]. The drug is now being abused orally by some crazy fans in public entertainment venues such as discos, karaoke bars, and nightclubs.ough this publicity and education, I have benefited a lot. I believe that as a child, I should stay away from unhealthy places, not accept drugs from anyone, and cherish good life! Classmates []Marlboro 100S Cartons Us[/url], have you seen the real

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Drugs are monsters that have claimed many human lives and humanity, do you remember what the name of the movie is?