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has made an impact in his second year in the league.Garrett leads the Browns with eight sacks [url=]Myles Garrett Jersey Elite[/url] , which are the most by a Browns player through the first eight weeks of a season in franchise history. His 15 sacks in 19 career games are also the fourth-highest total by a Browns player in their first two seasons.Garrett, along with rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield, has also taken a leadership role on the Browns, filling the void of former head coach Hue Jackson. It was just a few weeks ago that Garrett - rather than Jackson - spoke up about the lack of respect that NFL officials have shown the Browns this season.And it is safe to say that Garrett has no use for the redemption tour that his former head coach is embarking on in the wake of Jackson’s undeniable role in the 3-36-1 record the Browns posted on his watch, as Garrett pointed out to on Friday:It has only been a few days, but Garrett has already seen a positive change from the team, according to 92.3 The Fan:Garrett and Mayfield, who talked earlier in the week about keeping the team together [url=][/url] , have quickly become the type of leaders the Browns have been lacking for years, especially on the sidelines the past two-and-a-half seasons.Which means there may be hope for the Browns after all. Gregg Williams was fired as the Bills’ head coach after the 2003 season, and since then he’s only been a defensive coordinator–until this week, when he became interim head coach of the Browns. But Williams claimed today that he’s had multiple offers to be a head coach since leaving Buffalo.In his first press conference as the Browns’ interim head coach, Williams said today that he doesn’t see his current job as auditioning to be a head coach, because he’s already been given offers to be a head coach and turned them down.“Since I left Buffalo, I’ve had 11 letters sent in to interview for head coaching jobs, and all of them behind the scenes I have [url=]Authentic Myles Garrett Jersey[/url] , four of them I didn’t even have to show up, just sign the contract and come,” Williams said.So why didn’t Williams take one of those four jobs? He said it’s about finding the right fit, and that other job offers he had were from organizations that had a different philosophy of what a head coach is supposed to be. Specifically, Williams said he wants to be a hands-on coach, and some teams want their head coach to delegate more.“I’ve talked about all those other spots that have called me,” Williams said. “You know what is fun about sitting in a chair and being a head coach? Coaching football. Not coaching marketing, not coaching scouting [url=]Jarvis Landry Jersey Elite[/url] , not coaching ticketing, not coaching analytics. Coaching football. So why would I not do that? And when people say you can’t do that and be the head coach, you don’t know.”Suffice to say, a lot of people around the NFL will be extremely skeptical that Williams had four different offers to be a head coach and turned them all down only because he didn’t think they were the right fit. And the idea that four different NFL owners were willing to just hand the reins to Williams without even asking him to come in for an interview is ridiculous.But Williams is a head coach now. Perhaps if he can win enough games he’ll have a real job offer to be a real head coach in 2019. [url=]cheap football jerseys[/url]