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LONDON, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- Following are the English Premier League standings after Sunday's match (tabulated under games played, won, drawn, lost, goals for, goals against, points):

Chelsea 26 20 3 3 55 19 63

Tottenham 26 15 8 3 50 18 53

Manchester City 25 16 4 5 51 29 52

Arsenal 25 15 5 5 54 28 50

Liverpool 25 14 7 4 54 30 49

Manchester United 25 13 9 3 38 21 48

Everton 26 12 8 6 42 27 44

West Brom 26 11 7 8 36 32 40

West Ham 26 9 6 11 35 44 33

Stoke 26 8 8 10 30 40 32

Burnley 26 9 4 13 28 37 31

Watford 26 8 7 11 30 43 31

Southampton 25 8 6 11 28 31 30

Bournemouth 26 7 5 14 36 51 26

Swansea 26 7 3 16 32 57 24

Middlesbrough 26 4 10 12 19 28 22

Crystal Palace 26 6 4 16 33 46 22

Leicester 25 5 6 14 24 43 21

Hull 26 5 6 15 23 50 21

Sunderland 26 5 4 17 24 48 19


LONDON, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- A rare painting of the lost palace of King Henry VIII went on public display for the first time on Saturday after being saved for the nation.

London's Victoria and Albert Museum has rescued a painting of King Henry's famous Nonsuch Palace in Cheam, Surrey after being bought for a million pounds (1.26 million U.S. dollars) to stop it going overseas.

A temporary export bar had been placed on the painting by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport by Flemish artist Joris Hoefnagel, said to be the earliest depiction of the king's palace in Surrey.

The V&A announced it had raised the money to save the 1568 painting with the help of the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) and the Art Fund.

Sir Peter Luff, chairman of the NHMF, said: "We felt it essential that this rare and beautifully detailed artwork, documenting one of our most important lost palaces, stay in the UK for us all to enjoy."

Nonsuch Palace was dismantled about 150 years after it was built, earning its title as the "lost palace".

Senior curator at the V&A Mark Evans, described the painting as a "a beautiful work of outstanding importance".

"Among the earliest surviving English landscape watercolours, it brings to life one of the greatest monuments of the English Renaissance, now lost to us," Evans said.

The museum describes the painting as the most faithful of only six surviving depictions of the lost palace.

It has joined the national collection of British miniatures and watercolours at the V&A and has now gone on display in the Museum's British Galleries.

LONDON, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- Followin are the results of the English Premier League matches played on Saturday (home teams first):

Chelsea 3 Swansea 1

Crystal Palace 1 Middlesbrough 0

Everton 2 Sunderland 0

Hull 1 Burnley 1

Watford 1 West Ham 1

West Brom 2 Bournemouth 1

Playing on Sunday

Tottenham vs Stoke (1330 GMT)


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