Topic: outside, not a pleasure!

The dream is sending me miss in the distance, my heart is flooding like a tide. I am looking for the direction of the boat, but I don��t see the end point. I can��t see the sun. Who can give me a copper table with red candles? There is no waiting for the end of this exit. Life is always arranged for the rise and fall of life. I can't help but think of the origin of the silent life. You give me the power to live, the wind, you are happy with my silent face, rain, you wash me all over Dust clothes, love, you have never lost my life []Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale[/url]. I want to integrate into your arms like this, can you endlessly, please let me turn into a small flower, or make a willow to hold up the green shade. I still want to settle down at the bridge, sit and watch the world for hundreds of years, see people seeing people when they see each other, and see the hearts of the world with the eyes of the world. Then, I also went to the end of the injury, my cracked branches can not support the majesty of the year, hurt, if the bridge is only behind the old roots and more desolate. As a result, I am still in the same place as the previous one. I went to a familiar place, and I was helpless, my body was scattered, I was in a dark dream, and I was missing in the sky. My heart was like the tide, I was swaying. The boat is desperately searching for directions from ancient times to the present. In the history, the masses of the world are constantly pursuing and eager for happiness. Happiness is a profound and profound topic. We walk in the red dust, salvage in the years, walk in the fingertips, live under the roof, everyone is pursuing their happiness and happiness is a state of mind, are pursuing happiness, No one will refuse happiness, and no one will give up happiness. Where is happiness? Confucius said: