Topic: and everything is empty.

When his daughter graduated from junior high school, he was laid off and stayed at home. The wife saw that he was not pleasing to the eye, lamenting all day long []Newport Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], and he found a man who was ugly and unfeasible. He decided to go to work in Xinjiang. The wife said: "In spirit and material, you can't give me anything. This marriage has no meaning." Finally, they agreed to divorce. He went out of the house and did not take the family home. One year, someone introduced her to the subject. Her requirements are not high, she is one meter tall and has a fixed income and is no more than 50 years old. When she told the matchmakers, she lost a lot of time. Will she move like this 20 years ago? As a result, the men introduced by the matchmakers were arrogant, one of them was a man, and his work was okay. He was fifty-three years old and still suspected that she was old. She was angrily thinking that if she was younger, she would be about the same size as your son. In this way, the high is not low, and gradually, no one introduces her boyfriend, she will die the heart of remarriage. In her eyes, only the daughter is left. When her daughter returned home, she sneaked into the gap between her meal and chatted with her daughter. In less than three minutes, her daughter said, ��Take the important thing.�� She hates to gnash her teeth: ��Who will shut you up and be dumb?�� The daughter retorted: "I didn't take you as a dumb." She was bored and picked up a magazine. She saw a sentence "Women are water, men are tanks." Somehow, she remembered him. The heart is sour, who will relocate his bad temper like him. Thinking about the days when I walked with him, I couldn��t help but cry. The daughter was admitted to college, and it was not three months before she started sending money to her. She called and asked, "Where do you come from?" The daughter said: "I bring tutors, two junior high school students." She smiled: "You are better than your father." The daughter is not happy: "After the holiday, I Going to Xinjiang, can't you go?" She blurted out: "Don't go" throughout the winter, she hesitated between walking and not going. Close to the holiday, she made up her mind. If the daughter asked again, she said, "No matter what, he is your father." The matter of going to Xinjiang, the daughter never mentioned it. She also blames herself for being passionate. He is the father of his daughter, no longer his own. Vaguely, she is a bit sad, think of his good, in fact, this man is quite measurable, and who can tolerate his violent bad temper. The holiday, the daughter said, not going home. She pretended to say easily: "Well, save me from coming back." In her mind, the picture of the reunion of the father and the daughter emerged all day, and she was uncomfortable with sour water. Close to the Spring Festival, she couldn't help but call her daughter: "There is no conscience, forget your mother?" The daughter said to the phone: "Are you not bothering me?" She was speechless, this ghost girl always Point her key. The daughter smiled and said: "If you miss me, come to Xinjiang to see me! Old are old, still hard." She was angry: "Is your mother very old?" The daughter said: "Not old, come on!" He snorted: "What am I going to do?" She suspected that he was next to her daughter because her daughter was very loud. Sure enough, he took the call: "Let's see Xinjiang." Since he has already said this, she is no longer awkward in her heart. After all, she used to be a husband and wife, and there is no deep hatred. "Look at my daughter's face, I will go and see." When she came back from Xinjiang, she and he often exchanged calls and greeted him. Although people are not together, they are really thinking about it. In the summer of the following year, my colleague Xiao Wang went to Xinjiang for a business trip. She prepared some things he liked for him, and asked Xiao Wang to go. Xiao Wang stunned and said; "Sister Li, it is so heavy. In fact, you should bring something light." She asked: "What should I bring?" Xiao Wang smiled: "Hey, I miss you." Later, Xiao Wang came back from Xinjiang. For three days, she and Xiao Wang Dong Laxi. On the fourth day, she couldn't help it: "How is the situation on his side?" Xiao Wang smiled. "You look at you, ask me directly, don't wait for three days." She fired: "Don't forget." "Xiao Wang did not say." She thought that only he could endure his bad temper, and only he knew his habits. Thinking into her heart. Who can still eat this one? She returned to beg for Xiao Wang []Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping[/url]. Xiao Wang said: "I went. He is eating steamed buns and mustard. It is lunch and he has to work in the afternoon []Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url]." In this sentence, Xiao Wang is gone. She thought for more than a week. She called him again: "Do you work hard? Eat a little better, not a young man in his early twenties." He smiled at the phone: "I have never had a good time, I will not speculate, I will not dare." If you want to save money, you have to do heavy work, and then you can save yourself." Her eyes are wet: "What do you want for money? Eat and drink well, take care of your body, and want to remarry?" He replied coldly, "Yes." She wiped her tears away: "You are tired and alive" and you are no longer in contact. This year, his mother died, she went to condolence. Handle the funeral. The daughter said: "When Grandma died, I was fortunate that you came. Otherwise, I will not recognize you." Her fire started again: "Are you so close to your father? After so many years, he managed to ask you?" "The daughter blurted out: "Every month, my father sent me money. I didn't bring tutor at all. It was my dad who said that I had enough money to send it to you after I used it." She glanced: "How? Money?" Is your dad sent it? It��s still sneaky []Wholesale Ciggarettes[/url], don��t let me know?�� The daughter gave her a blank look: ��You, this person, died to face and lived with sin. I clearly love my dad, but also divorce.�� She wants to teach her daughter two sentences. But knowing the loss, this tone has been until he left, she just squeezed a smile: "You gave us the money, what remarriage?" He smiled: "You are half-old Xu Niang, and let My car is going back to BMW?" She didn't want to fight one thing: "Then you have the ability to go to find a young one." He said: "OK" He returned to Xinjiang for a few days, and her phone calls in succession. Most of it is after 10pm. After getting through, I couldn't say a few words. Later, she simply pretended to be wrong. Later, his phone was turned off. She was angry and anxious, and she did not understand for a few days. She had to ask Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang said: "There are two possibilities. He has something, or it is purely intentional." She asked: "What should I do?" Xiao Wang said: "Continue to fight. However, the result is a broken mirror." She was excited and hit again. One, through, she said: "What do you play, turn off the phone?" He said: "I am afraid that you are harassing." She fired again: "Which little girl?" He said: "Too young, I can't look up." She imagined his face on the other end of the phone and said, "Come back, hear no?" He said slowly: "I let you abandon, you let me go back and go back?" She sighed: "Bad things." He said: "You come to pick me up." The day he came back, the weather was fine. She looked at him carefully and said, "In fact, you are not ugly." Saying, a strange warmth, filled a little bit from her heart. Isn��t happiness like this? For many years []Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online[/url], he was like a big, deep and big tank, and it contained everything that carried her, but she was dull and ignorant. After many years, I was only aware that happiness has been hidden behind my own story. In my conceiving this story, my mood is extraordinarily unsettled. Now in this wave of economics, there are many unfortunate marriages, marriages, and where are the problems? Worth you and me to reflect! In our plain life, it sometimes makes us confused and feels the hardships and sufferings of the days. We began to doubt love and began to doubt marriage, because we did not get the ideal life as expected. We have lived a perfect life, but life is perfect. Just like people, there is no perfection. Since we are not perfect, how can we demand the perfection of life? Therefore, a good marriage is not without quarreling, not without problems. But it��s noisy, it��s going to be together, there��s a problem, and it��s a solution. In the world of people's feelings, the fear is indifference and not care. There is also a sense of responsibility and sexuality. Only communicate honestly with each other's feelings and work hard to improve each other's practices. In order to effectively bring the marriage to the end. For the problem of Xiaosan and extramarital affairs, don't be so sensitive. This is precisely the best medicine for verifying marriage. Extramarital affairs and Xiaosan��s affairs are also a transitional issue in the marriage exhaustion period. Some people can't stand the temptation or can't stand the impact of outside. Marriage is naturally disintegrated. And someone is very smart about this problem, and ultimately won a sweet life. In other words, extramarital affairs and even extramarital sex are inevitable results that are not obtained in marriage. This is a personal issue. It��s hard to say that extramarital affairs is an emotional game that revolves around money and sex. Having said that, it is estimated that you should understand. Cherish what you have. There is no right or wrong in the country of feelings, only treasure does not cherish. Love lies in the heart of the person, the heart of the person is ruthless, and everything is empty.