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Tibetan students in Shenyang, Liaoning Province join a lunar new year party on February 18, 2015. Photos: CFP

Dekyi Drolkar, 47, urges her two daughters to speak Putonghua (standard Chinese) to each other at home and in school.

"Instead of being worried about their competence in their mother tongue [url=]Cheap Curry Shoes Wholesale[/url] , I care more whether my girls will be alienated from society if they can only speak Tibetan," the determined mother told the Global Times while her younger daughter, Yangzom, interpreted for her.

She even sent Yangzom, who came in second place in her junior high school entrance exam, to language classes specially designed for Tibetan students in Xi'an [url=]Cheap Curry Shoes Outlet[/url] , Shaanxi Province, a city some 2,500 kilometers away from Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The 15-year-old Yangzom had previously learned Chinese at a bilingual primary school in Jiedexiu township, Shannan prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region.

By 2014 [url=]Cheap Curry Shoes Sale[/url] , over 96 percent of students in Tibet received bilingual education, including approximately 300,000 primary school students, 125,000 junior high school students and 56,000 senior high school students [url=]Cheap Curry Shoes 2019[/url] , according to data released by the regional education department.

Challenging classes

At primary schools in Tibet's rural areas, most courses, except Chinese lessons, are delivered in Tibetan, while in cities and townships where Putonghua is more widely spoken, only Tibetan language lessons are taught in the student's native tongue [url=]Cheap Curry Shoes 2018[/url] , explained Cai Shoukuan, Party chief of Shannan's education bureau.

But the majority of classes in the region's secondary schools are taught in Chinese, Cai added.

A total of 1,217 primary schools, 93 junior high schools and 29 senior high schools in Tibet provided bilingual teaching by the end of 2014, respectively covering 97.06 percent [url=]Cheap Curry Shoes[/url] , 97.46 percent and 92.88 of corresponding students, the Xinhua News Agency reported on March 18.

Students take a break from class in the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu Province on September 6, 2013. Photo: CFP

Kelsang Ngodrup, principal of Shannan No.1 Primary School, told the Global Times that pupils learn the Chinese and Tibetan languages in seven or eight lessons every week.

Yangzom recalled that at her primary school she was taught pinyin, recited classical Chinese poems and wrote compositions.

To improve their oral Chinese [url=][/url] , their Chinese teacher asked them to read texts aloud for the first 10 minutes of class, she said.

"We often played a text-based role-playing game in Chinese class, which can help us understand the texts," she added.

"We were also encouraged to chat with classmates in Chinese at the primary school," Tashi Padma, a 15-year-old girl at Naidong High School in Shannan [url=]Cheap Stephen Curry Youth Shoes[/url] , told the Global Times.

Students like her who live in rural areas and rarely hear people speaking Chinese, find picking up the language very difficult.

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