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Can anyone tell me what is fair? What is the meaning of fairness? How do you understand fairness? Is it fair to you to treat me equally or to pay only for my contribution? I can always hear a lot of complaints []Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes[/url]. It is unfair, which is unfair to me. How can it be fair to you? I don't want to say those who don't work hard and are still on the street []Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping[/url], who are being treated unfairly. We all want to be treated fairly. What is fair? Imagine if I was a tall person, when I went to buy clothes, I saw that all the clothes in the store were the size of normal people. Do you think it is fair to me? For example, I am a fat man with a bloated body. Going to the restaurant to eat, the small bench of the hotel can not accommodate my body, do you think it is fair to me? Perhaps you will say this case is a special case, yes, this is an exception and a special case. When you are treated fairly, it is unfair to them []Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping[/url]. Maybe you will say that the minority is fair to the majority, but I think the biggest injustice in the world. For example, there are currently ninety-nine people working in front of you. Plus you happen to be one hundred people. It was time to eat at noon. Fifty-one said that we would not work after we worked hard at noon. Are you going to obey them? Do you think you have received fair treatment? You and the remaining forty-eight people are working hard to hungry. Do you feel angry and wronged? How do you feel that everyone is paying, and sometimes you can't see it. For example, it is a kind of effort to take the back door. For example, it is a kind of effort to work hard, and it is also a kind of effort to rely on information. We are all paying. When our efforts don't get the return we expect, we stubbornly believe that we don't have fair treatment. I call this behavior that says that we are not treated fairly. I can understand your dissatisfaction in your heart, and you can understand that your contribution is like a bamboo basket. You are eyeing your own merits and being led by others. The incomprehensible embarrassment in the heart is difficult to resolve, and you say the excuse to escape. This is not fair. How do you know what is fair. Have you seen someone else��s pay? He is flattering. His mouth is wrong, he steals chicken and touches the dog. He saw the wind making the rudder. What about you? You are just right, you are full of enthusiasm, you are conscientious, you are bright, then why are you treated unfairly. I have been convinced that I have a hard time earning a lot of money. Paying is not necessarily the only way I can. There must be a lot of pay, my time is paying, I am willing to pay. I don't pay for it, and I can't help but smile with my smile. Isn't that all a kind of pay? There are also many returns. When you work hard without being affirmed, your business proficiency is a reward. When you study hard and don't get the ideal score, you gain an increase in the level of knowledge. When you trust someone to do things. When you don't do it, you have gained a failed experience. This is all reward. It's just not the same as you expected. It's not unfair. You can't see the difference between the effort of others and your pay, or you can't get used to it. Because you can't do it, it's possible that you are convinced that you are paying the right answer, and you want to get the reward you think. But you can only use the three words of unfairness to stifle your own deficiencies and not work hard []Buy Newport Online Cheap[/url]. There may be many unfair events in your life. Have you ever thought about why such unfair things are directed at you? Only when people suffer losses will they know that they should be alert to people []Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online[/url]. Only when others are warm can they remove the darkness of the mind. Only when you are treated unfairly can you know that you have not paid enough or are in the wrong direction. When there is a lot of fairness, there are too many emotional factors in my mind, which makes us lose our eyes. In fact, the world is fair. At the very least, there is a return.