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According to my observation, there are three kinds of people around us. Of course, this is just my generalization. You can have your own opinions. What I am saying only represents my personal opinion. Everyone has their own point of view, so we don't have any arguments. As for who is right is not the topic I want to discuss. The following article I mainly talk about my own point of view. I explain these three kinds of people. The first kind of people are reluctant to accept life. No matter how cruel the life is, they can accept it. They never thought about changing their present life. The second kind of people are satisfied with their present life. Their lives are generally not cruel or superior. They have never thought about changing their lives. The third kind of people, they pursue the life they want, such people's current life is cruel or beautiful, as long as they are not what they want or like, they have to change it, I am the third person . Let me not say what kind of life I want in the future, just say now! I am 16 years old this year, and I am a high school student in elementary and middle school. Although the results are not top-notch, most people still want to surpass me. But the results are not coming out of thin air, just like farmers! One work is a harvest. It��s blood and sweat! I am a student of the top class in the key middle school. I feel a lot! Most of our classmates and friends are wearing eyes, thin bodies, red eyes, tired body is still stiff, school bags are bulging, full of information and so on. They are still harder than the farmer's uncle! Of course, you are not allowed to laugh, these people are the pillars of the motherland! The future of the motherland! The construction of China in the future has their merits! In the future []Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], China��s prosperity will definitely have their sweat! I admire them sincerely. Of course, I am a comrade with a front line. I have experienced them, so I have such profound experience and understanding. But it! I am getting tired of this kind of life, because I don't like the knowledge in the textbook. Yes! Textbooks can give me a lot of knowledge, a lot of very important knowledge, which is undeniable. But that knowledge is not what I like []Marlboro 100'S Carton[/url], not what I want! For example, I want to eat apples, but you give me chocolate and cream cakes. Yes! Cream cakes and chocolates are worth a hundred times better than my apples, but I am going to eat my apples, interesting! I am so interesting, I don't know why I am so nervous, so weird? My explanation to myself is that it may be related to IQ, but I am not sure that I like natural science before, but I gradually discovered that it is necessary to spend a lot of money to study natural science, and the background of our family is certain []Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes[/url]. It is unaffordable, so it is not realistic. I did not expect that I was exposed to literature and art in the second day. I did not expect that I fell in love with these fields, so literary and artistic art is something I want to study. I am interested and liked the knowledge related to literature and art. As for the knowledge in those textbooks, I am not interested at all, let alone like it. People's energy is limited. After I spent a lot of energy researching literature and art, my grades gradually fell, so I was kicked out of the best top class in the third day and fell to the top class of the third line. Here I want to thank my good brother (name I can't say), he also comforted me, thank you so much. In fact, it is better, my learning pressure has been reduced a lot. I know that after studying in high school, my learning pressure may double, my knowledge will be more difficult, and I certainly have no time to study my favorite literature and art. Of course, after I went to high school, I can continue to study literature and art. The consequences are clearer. It is definitely less than 200 points in the college entrance examination, so that youth and future are ruined []Newport Cigs Cheap[/url]. When I don��t know how to be good, I heard that there is a technical school. I have also heard that the state attaches importance to technical schools and attaches importance to technical talents. This is undoubtedly good news for Tianda! I also have a college diploma in reading a technical school. Of course, this diploma is not good for undergraduate studies, but it is also a rice bowl! Because I can't change food with literary and artistic works, this is my principle. I like to stick to my own correct principles and never change without special circumstances. I know that the life of a technical school is relatively easy []Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online[/url], because they don't prepare for the exam, and it is the subject of the school's own graduation exam. Even if you don't study very much, you can graduate and have a diploma. This is what high school students don't have. Anyway, it is a good thing for a stranger like me. I think about it in the future. I don't know if I can achieve it, but I am actively fighting for it. After finishing my studies, I am 22 years old and a young man. I want to travel all over China, and I will see the beauty of China and the prosperity of the world into my literary and artistic works, because I know that literary and artistic works can be done without sitting at home, Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi, Lu Xun, Contradiction... A writer has not gone south and north. They are not sitting at home to write articles. Of course, you will be surprised. How do I know that they have gone south? Because I have read their works for a long time and found that their works have written the scenery and human feelings of different places in China, so I decided that they are definitely not sitting at home and must have been to many places in China. Since I have to follow their path, of course, I have to follow their footsteps, but I am not following their footsteps, because I have to take my own footsteps, if I can be with them best, Let our footprints step into history books and let the younger generations watch it.