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re was an old man on the ancient city wall on the top of the mountain [url=]Newport 100S[/url]. They talked to each other, but the other party apologized to tell me that he was a Japanese in a non-standard Chinese. The old man was alone, holding a small camera in his hand, and his face showed a happy look from time to time. It seemed to be fascinated by the scenery here and the ruined ancient city wall. Politely waved goodbye to us and walked along the wall to the distance of the mountain [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url]. I couldn't see him if I didn't pay attention. I went down to the town. We went to the Zhenyuan Museum. The museum is located in an antique building in the same county. The place is not big, there are not many cultural relics stored inside, so I didn't spend much time reading it. It can be seen from the museum that now Zhenyuan people have written Wang Yangming and Lin Zexu in their history, but these two sages are not from Zhenyuan, and they have not left any deep traces to Zhenyuan. The high energy status of Wang Yangming and Confucius and Mencius are called saints, but the place where he was taken away is the current Xiuwen County of Guizhou. In Guizhou, he only stayed for 3 years. Historical records: