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For a few years [url=]Ben Banogu Jersey[/url] , the NFL was plagued by a quarterback issue that didn’t have to do with torn ACLs, concussions, or interceptions: the Brett Favre drama.Every year, it would be ‘will he or won’t he’ with regards to Favre unretiring to play for a team that was either the Green Bay Packers, New York Jets [url=]Parris Campbell Jersey[/url] , Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, or St. Louis Rams. Close to a decade later, we have a new quarterback drama on our hands: where will Washington’s Kirk Cousins land?Long story short, Cousins has received the franchise tag two seasons in a row and is most likely going to become a free agent next offseason; there have been rumors about a team like the 49ers trading for the former fourth-round pick this season [url=]Bobby Okereke Jersey[/url] , but let’s up the ante up and figure out what will happen next season. Put simply, we know nothing about what is set to happen in 2018 - we don’t even know what’s set to happen later in 2017. Maybe Aaron Judge will continue to hit bombs for the Yankees, maybe LeBron James and the Cavaliers will get swept in the next round, and maybe Curt Schilling will announce that he is running for the U.S. Senate not as a man, but as an Apache Attack Chopper complete with the UAV Predator Drone from Call of Duty attached. Who knows?With that said [url=]Khari Willis Jersey[/url] , this is a reasonable guess based on the facts we know now and what we’ve seen in the past. Also, the Washington Redskins aren’t on this list; we’re looking at 15 teams not run by one of the worst owners in sports. Ready? Rebuilding in the National Football League can be a shorter process than in other sports if done right, but it is a necessary evil nonetheless.Attempting to rebuild through free agency rarely leaves satisfactory results when not combined with wise draft choices, which is something the New York Jets are experiencing right now. Whether it's the result of bad quarterback play and inept offense or swiss cheese defense that can't stop anyone - or all of the above - there are some NFL squads in desperate need of big changes.Those teams that are successful in both free agency and in the draft quickly rise to the top of the league and the Oakland Raiders are a shining example of that. For others, it may take a bit longer [url=]Josh Allen Jersey[/url] , but just showing signs of greatness can be enough to hold fans over and prove that a team is on the rise.Normally having a young, up-and-coming quarterback can be enough to turn a team around, while in other instances great play from the defensive side of the ball can kickstart a team's return to respectability. It doesn't matter how a team gets there as long as the end result is multiple playoff berths and a Super Bowl victory.Curious to know which teams need a rebuild and which teams are on the rise? All of your questions will be answered below, so let's go.