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Turning through the album, looking at an old photo, looking at your smile, looking at the sunset that gradually turned into linen, the sky is getting darker, the sun is about to fall, but the memories in my mind have always been lingering. go with. When the second grade first started, the two of us became the same table. You are a little girl with a mushroom head, a round face, black hair, and black eyes. Her expression is cute and looks a little like Thai. Teddy bear. The two of us hit it off instantly and quickly became good friends from students who weren't familiar with it. We have become good helpers in learning and good partners in life, supervising each other and making progress together. Later, during the summer vacation [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], I invite you to play with my grandma's house in the country. Grandma's family has a large yard. Many apple trees and plum trees are planted in the yard, which is a small orchard. Behind the yard is a small forest, but grandma does not allow children to play in the forest alone. That afternoon, I and you were cooling in the orchard. I secretly told you: "I heard that there is a little squirrel in the small woods behind. Have you ever seen a little squirrel?" "Then do you want to see it?" "But isn't your grandma not letting you go?" "Hush ~ be quiet, we can go secretly." After that, I would join hands with you and crouch to the house Then he walked over the fence, stepped through the mud pits, through the grass, and finally came to the grove. It was only a few tens of meters away, but at the time it looked like it had walked hundreds of kilometers. We walked carefully under each tree and raised our heads and tiptoes to check each branch. There was no one around and I could only hear the birds singing clearly [url=]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. I was relieved. We ran around in the woods, but found that the sky was getting late, you were a little scared, but I was wholeheartedly looking for a little squirrel, and we gradually lost our way and couldn't find our way back. Suddenly, a few barking came from a distance. I was shocked by the cold sweat. I quickly grabbed you and stopped to look around. As a result, my grandma led a big yellow dog to our side. When I got home, my grandma criticized me fiercely, and since then I have never been to the woods. You accompany me through elementary school. We take classes together, write homework, eat together, and leave school together. We lie on the lawn together and enjoy the coolness of the breeze; we run together on the playground for sports The exam was able to meet the standard; we shouted together at the beach and released our inner pressure  [url=]Newport 100S[/url]... But then, when you emigrated to Canada, we never met again. I think you should grow a lot taller, and your hairstyle is no longer as immature as before, but in my heart you will always be the child with a mushroom head and a dazzling look. If you can meet in the future, I hope you can recognize you Close the photo album slowly, but that precious memory cannot be erased in my mind. I will keep you in my heart forever. I believe you will never forget it.
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