Topic: A brief description of Salesforce Lightning Knowledge

Salesforce Lightning Knowledge is a major adaptation of the functionality offered by Classic Knowledge and is more than just a set of minor changes in the user interface.
Following are a few salient features of Salesforce Lightning Knowledge:
Multiple Channels:
•    After your articles have been published, there are several modes of sharing them, which are also channels or media for distribution.
•    Following are the many channels which Saleforce Lightning Knowledge offers:  the general Public, Customers, Partners and Internal users.
Content Rating:
•    Salesforce Lightning Knowledge offers users the feature to rate content using a thumbs-up or thumbs down rating system.
•    The voting buttons can be placed on or removed from pages as per your requirements.
Versioning & Knowledge Lifecycle:
•    The Knowledge Lifecycle is recurring and emphasizes on incessant betterment of content. In order to support the same, Salesforce Lightning Knowledge offers the feature of version control.
•    Leveraging this feature, every article shall be assigned a Version number and whenever changes are to be made to a published article, the article is edited as a new version and is then published again.
Processes for Content Approval:
•    Creation of authorization procedures for articles is of utmost importance for keeping a check on the content which is made public, especially if you knowledge base which is frequently published and consists of articles which are read by customers frequently.
Allocating Topics:
•    Salesforce Lightning Knowledge provides the additional functionality of assigning topics to write-ups and articles, which in turn lets helps in easy classification basis their content and makes them readily available when searched for.
•    Salesforce Lightning knowledge also offers a feature using which topics may be assigned automatically basis data categories, which automates manual tagging to a great extent.
Categorization of Data:
•    Data Categories and Data Category Groups are two of the most vital features of Salesforce Lightning Knowledge, which affect two important functions: article organization and article access.
Using Apex with Salesforce Lightning Knowledge:
•    Another important trait of Salesforce Lightning Knowledge is that it can have Apex triggers and be accessed using Apex code. 
•    These include Apex for many functions such as searching, archiving, publishing and other such functions. The Salesforce Lightning Knowledge’s data architecture includes these developmental improvements.
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