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Hi CloudMe,

Where can I find the proxy parameters to access to CloudMe?

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Hi nddefossez,

Your proxy should only need to pass forward traffic through port 80 or 443 for access to the CloudMe Sync application.

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Is this related? ...
   My laptop is behind a company firewall. At home, CloudMe client works fine. But it won't log on at work. Maybe it is a proxy/firewall issue. Other applications (Skype, Dropbox, etc) on my laptop need to have the field named 'proxy' (in the network settings) completed with my companies proxy server for those applications to work. Maybe CloudMe does not work for me at work for this reason? And if so, are there plans to implement this in CloudMe?

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Hi Curtis,

Sounds like we need to add the ability for proxy configuration. We have a new version of CloudMe Sync that is scheduled to be released within the next weeks, but we will make sure to get proxy support into the next release.

Thanks for letting us know.