Topic: Add ability to download media file(s)

Currently, I can share my MP3 files and my friends can listen to files, i shared with them.
However, they are unable to download shared MP3 file(s).
Please, make it possible.

Re: Add ability to download media file(s)

You can download shared WebShares if you start to Follow them (the WebShare is added as a Favorite). Then you can use either CloudMe Sync or WebDav to download the contents of the favorite.

Please note that downloading shared material like music requires that you have the legal rights to the music and that your country allow you to copy among friends. If unsure about these conditions do not do any of the above.

Re: Add ability to download media file(s)

I was thinking to use CloudMe to publish sermons, recorded in our church. And then put link on the web-site. So, visitors can listen AND can download sermons.

Apparently, all visitors will not have account at CloudMe and I do not want it to make requirement for them.

Obviously, there is no issues with copyright in my case. And I can think of other cases, where it will not be issue.

But, currently there is no way to use CloudMe service in such manner.

Re: Add ability to download media file(s)

On the contrary...

CloudMe has been built to publish files or whole folders as public web links (that do not require the receiver to have a CloudMe account). This type of sharing is called WebShare in CloudMe.

Login to CloudMe using its web interface. Select the folder that you wish you publish, than click on the green share icon in the bottom right corner of the menu to the right.

Your files will now be published and available for anyone to enjoy. If a user do have a CloudMe account, they can choose to follow your WebShare and also view the sermons on their iPhone / Android / Google TV or Samsung SmartTV, since it will become part of their file system and show up in their Favorites tab.

You will already have a WebShare page connected to your account on the following address:

Best, CloudMe