Topic: Behavioral objectives of the subject

Behavioral objectives of the subject:

The student must explain the component parts of the sentence in Arabic.
The student must distinguish between predicate and accusative complements.
The student's ability to classify subsequent grammatical concepts in accordance with their grammatical state.
The student is obligated to return to his rule books and fill in the following information from them.
The student should be able to complete the syllable grades table.
The student must complete, as in the example, with distinctive syllables.
The student solves the task of the lesson.
The student's conviction of the importance of learning Arabic grammar.

Educational Activities and Procedures:
The lesson was completed with a summary of the grammatical skills included in this subject, then I provide the students with a guide and clarification of the importance of the competency subject, then I have an open dialogue with them about the importance of learning Arabic grammar, through which I hear their different opinions, then ask them to read the components of the nominal and verbal sentence in the book as a reminder what has been learned.

Invite the students to look at the grammar books to check the accusative and accusative complements and their divisions, and learn more about them, and then ask them to write the results of their research in their textbook.

Draw an idea map on the board using colored pencils so that the map includes different grammatical concepts (nominatives, plurals, accusatives, and plurals) and samples of each grammatical concept for these concepts. Ask the students to write the map. in their own notebook.

I encourage students to search grammar and grammar websites for information about the grammatical skills mentioned in the activity and then help them answer the questions within the activity.

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