Topic: Using cloudMe for My hard drive backup storage?

Can anyone advise me, how to setup cloud me to store my hard drive back ups, And to upload them on a regular timed schedule. I,am using Genie Timeline Pro 2013 Genie has a free cloud service for this purpose and a paid for one as well. But I want to stay with CloudMe because of there .xml operating system, CloudTop, And wish to do some experimenting with it. I should be able to do this using my windows 8 platform without Genie?. But if any one could send me an email as well,  to:

Re: Using cloudMe for My hard drive backup storage?

You may use CloudMe Sync to backup your computer, you need to specify which folders you want backuped, then set them to "scheduled" and upload-only. You can alter the scheduler for a specific daily time or weekly under settings (the grey cogwheel on the main window).

Please read more here: [url][/url]

If you want to backup your entire harddrive, you may want to use one of these dedicated backup applications; Logisweep or Handybackup. They connect to CloudMe using our WebDAV support.



Best, CloudMe Team