Topic: One-way sync?

One feature missing in all popular internet stotrage systems is  the ability to specify one-way sync. It is often very important that the connected users cannot modify or erase the central files to which they have access. Only the new BitTorrent Sync provides this possibility, but has other snags.

Is one-way sync on the CloudMe list of future features? Or is it already there hidden somewhere?


Re: One-way sync?

Hi Bengt,

Yes, one-way sync has always been part of CloudMe Sync. To get started, double click on the CloudMe icon in the taskbar, choose View Sync Folders and click on the folder you want to configure. Here you can choose bidirectional (default), upload or download as the sync type. You may also change to folder to scheduled and only have it synced once a day or week. Right click on folder for these options.

You may find more information in the online advanced help:


Best, CloudMe Team

Re: One-way sync?

Thank you - but there are problems: a) Your instruction for handling conflicts do not describe the program I downloaded. There is no possibility of changing the conflict handling at all in my version. Can one still do it?
b) Setting Sync Type to Download (which I require) does not automatically replace an older local file with the more recent central one, even when forcing sync.
c) Central deleted files do not delete local files.

In fact, CloudMe does not work as described. Using Windows 8 should have nothing to do with it, I suppose.