Topic: CloudMe asks me for PC name repeatedly

Since the last CloudMe upgrade, CloudMe prompts me for my PC name, even though it has been named before ("Toshiba").

But now, if I put in the PC name (Toshiba) I get the message: "The requested device name already exists, try another one".

Without renaming my PC, I cannot log in to CloudMe. But I don't want to rename it as this will mean my PC will be "two devices" ... this is really confusing!

How can I see what devices I have synced??? I have four synced; yet I only have 3 PCs setup for CloudMe ... I need to fix this but there is no way to see/remove sycned devices ...

Re: CloudMe asks me for PC name repeatedly

We have a new scheduled CloudMe Sync release next week, hopefully we can manage to include a bug fix for this in the release.

You can view which your synced devices are through the CloudMe web interface. Login through [url][/url], go to the Synced-tab and selected the CloudMe folder. In the right menu you will then find "View Sync Devices".

Unfortunately you cannot remove devices yet, but this is something we intend to support.

Re: CloudMe asks me for PC name repeatedly

I also wanted to knew this information and now i get it. Currently I am not facing any kind of problem with this.By the way if you want to check you can check cloud dr solutions.

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Re: CloudMe asks me for PC name repeatedly

Hey! If anyone knows about the latest update of CloudMe, Is it automatic updated or manual update.


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Re: CloudMe asks me for PC name repeatedly

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Re: CloudMe asks me for PC name repeatedly

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Re: CloudMe asks me for PC name repeatedly

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