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Hi - Due I think to CloudMe upgrades forcing me to change the name of my PCs I now have TWO CloudMe folders under synced, with 5 devices listed under each, none of which is the name of the PC I am currently using.

If I select any of the sync folders and choose remove sync folder, I get a message 'successfully removed ...' but the folder remains, and the list of synced devices remains.

How can I clean this mess up without starting a new account?

NOTE: I have just found that you can click on 'for computer XXXXX' in the CloudMe Sync dialog to change the name of the current PC.

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Re: Cannot remove sync devices

Can you please make a screenshot of your View Sync Folders dialog so we can see exactly what is going on. It is correct that previously used names of computer will keep showing up on your iPhone/iPad and Android (but should not show up on the desktop software). We are thinking on a way to allow removal of old synced devices (or ghost devices from renamed devices).

This shouldn't affect the function of your CloudMe account, but visually are a little bit in the way.

Send the screenshot to support @

Thanks, CloudMe

Re: Cannot remove sync devices

This is now over two years ago but we are still not able to remove obsolete devices?

Re: Cannot remove sync devices

Hi rainerhilmer,

Please send a mail to and we will look into it and post an answer here as soon  as we understand the problem.