Topic: WebDAV for Mavericks

Due to a SSL/HTTPS bug in OS X Mavericks, users will have problems connecting to our WebDAV service using secure connections.
Here's an attempt to help users getting along until the bug is fixed:

Please note that you will need administrative access to the machine for the fix to work

Short version

1) Manually download and install the SSL-certificate is providing, making sure it’s set to “Always trust”

Long version

1) Download the certificate "" [url=]found here[/url]
2) Double click it to add it to your keychain
3) Now select “login” in the left pane and then find [url=][/url] in the right pane
4) The Kind should read “Certificate”. Double click it
5) Now expand the “Trust” pane and choose “Always Trust” for “When using this certificate:”
6) Close the window and you should get a question to enter your system-password
7) Connect to [url]<username>[/url]

Re: WebDAV for Mavericks

Thanks for share good tips about an SSL/HTTPS.
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