Topic: How do I upload all photos from mobile?

When you install the CloudMe app for iPhone/iPad/Android, it will ask you if you want to sync your photo roll of your phone with CloudMe (upload only). If you have choosen no, you may still configure this using these steps.

1. Open the CloudMe app on your phone
2. Click on the Settings icon (cogwheel)
3. Select "View Upload Manager"
4. Turn on automatic uploads

You may also configure the upload manager to setup that it shall upload photos on your data plan or if you need it to reupload any missing photo from CloudMe.

Please note that CloudMe never deletes or removes any photo on your phone. This means that if you delete one of the synced photos from your phone in your CloudMe account, it will still be available in your phone (as long as you have not manually deleted the photo from the phone using the phones built in apps).

All uploaded photos from your devices are stored here:
[u]Cloud Drive:/Documents/Pictures[/u]

[u]Cloud Drive:/Documents/Pictures/iPhone Camera[/u]

We recommend that you also install CloudMe Sync [url][/url], and choose to setup automatic download of all your mobile phone photos from your CloudMe account to your computer. This means that as soon as you have taken a photo on your phone and opened the CloudMe app, it will be synced with CloudMe and automatically downloaded to all your computers.

Using the automatic photo sync of CloudMe together with CloudMe Sync is a perfect solution to be able to organize your mobile photos into folders using your computers file browser and then be able to access your photos organized through folders on your phone using the CloudMe app.