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I use the app goodreader for iPad. I am trying to move away from dropbox.

Are there any settings I can use to sync CloudMe with goodreader? Or at least enable me to download?

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Anyone that can answer this? smile

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Yes Goodreader is compatible with CloudMe.

1. Select the "Connect" button
2. Choose "Add"
3. Choose "WebDAV Server"
4. Write "CloudMe" as readable title
5. Enter the URL-address:

6. Enter user: your_username
7. Enter password: your_password
8. Select "windows-style name encoding"
9. Choose "Add" to complete

Now CloudMe is available as a WebDAV network drive!

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From 4.12 version of goodreader, the acess to the cloudme server produces the inmediatly shutdown od the program. I hope they are finding a solution for this...