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Trying to sync my outlook calendar to the webdav server however after putting in username and password i get the following message: The upload of "Calendar" failed. There was a problem with the request. I have typed in as the address. It then asks for the username and password, which i assume is my username "burny1" and the password that i use to log into the website.

Anyone else have this problem or can someone please direct me to what i am doing wrong?


Re: Cannot sync outlook calendar

I believe what you are looking for is not WebDAV, but CalDAV, which is an extension to WebDAV to support syncing of calendar data. CloudMe does not support it, since the goal is to sync files.

Re: Cannot sync outlook calendar

I'm having the same problem. Daniel is mistaken: Outlook uses basic WebDAV (not CalDAV). It creates and continuously updates an .ics file on the server, which is available for others to subscribe (but not to edit).
Following the instructions on the CloudMe website, I am able to connect to the WebDAV through Windows Explorer. However, I keep getting the same error from Outlook. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cannot sync outlook calendar

Same problem here. Outlook Calendar sync was the reason I came here. This disappointing thread may very soon be the reason I leave Cloudme. sad

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Re: Cannot sync outlook calendar

Has anyone come up with a solution?

I'm using Outlook 2016 and experiencing the same problem.

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