Topic: Unable to access or download folder (404 and 502 errors)

Hi. I'm having a problem with my files stored on CloudMe. I've been trying to use the WebDAV feature with Zotero reference manager to store scientific journal articles. This used to work fine in the past but at the moment, Zotero is returning a 404 error for the folder in question. In addition to this, when I try to download the file from the in-browser interface by right-clicking the folder and choosing

Re: Unable to access or download folder (404 and 502 errors)

I think the problem I was having was two different problems.

One problem was that I wasn't using the correct URL in Zotero. For some reason the path for Zotero needs to include /xios/

This page makes no mention of /xios/

However this page explicitly advises using /xios/ in the path for Zotero:

The second problem that was preventing me from downloading the zotero folder seems to have been something intermittent. I was able to reproduce it but now I am not able to.