Topic: My entire folder gone from WebDav

I'm using CloudMe to synchronize my Zotero library, which contains files and references for the PhD thesis I've been doing for the last five years. Having had some synchronization error messages in the past few days, I've decided to check the CloudMe storage. To my shock and fascination, the entire Zotero folder was gone! I do still have my local copy, which I'm hastily backing up on another location, but I would really appreciate if a CloudMe admin could check what has caused the entire folder to disappear? It was located in .../documents/zotero. Last time I've checked in had about a gig of data, so definitely under the quota.

Thank you.

Re: My entire folder gone from WebDav

Hi autarkie,
I am sorry that you are missing files/folders in your CloudMe account. But sometimes errors do occur, both technical and human, and therefore we never delete any files permanently but put them in the Trash Can/Recycle Bin. Please check your Trash Can/Recycle Bin, both local on your device and in the web ui on your account to see if your files are there.
Good Luck!

Re: My entire folder gone from WebDav

The exact thing has happened to me (all my Zotero data has disappeared). It's not shown in the recycle bin on the web UI. I'd love some help.

Re: My entire folder gone from WebDav

Hi swevrywhere,

Sorry for late respond but this kind of questions need to be addressed to our support as well.
Did you check also the recycle bin through the web interface? Make sure you go to the right folder and then click on the trasch can. This is a differnet Trasch can than the local on your PC.