Topic: The signature of CloudME.exe is corrupt or invalid.

After downloading the MS installer, I get the following message:
The signature of CloudME_193.exe is corrupt or invalid

A possible cause is that MS released a new security protocol (I believe in January this year). Most likely, you are required to create a new certificate that follows the protocol.

If this is the case, it should be simple to solve.

as a feature request, I would like the use of a secure connection and encrypted storage within CloudMe (standard protocol like SSL would be sufficient for this). I am aware of using Boxcryptor in combination with CloudMe, but I would prefer to have a double-layer of security.

Re: The signature of CloudME.exe is corrupt or invalid.

Hi xpresse,
Many thanks for highlighting us on the signature issue.
Most likely we will have it solved within 2 days.

For the question on encryption we have a solution just around the corner. I hope it will be released within a week, just bear with us:-)