Topic: Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and Mac (10.11.3) -- Neither Works

OK, I have been scouring the interwebz for a cloud service that supports Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and Mac (10.11.3), and is not Dropbox. (I use Dropbox for work to sync files with many users. Yes, there are workarounds to have multiple accounts running, but I'd prefer not to use questionable workarounds when trying to

Re: Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and Mac (10.11.3) -- Neither Works

...and apparently the forum cut off most of my post.

I'll try again, shorter:

I'm trying out CloudMe on two machines, one running Ubuntu 12.04, one running Mac 10.11.3. On Ubuntu, the app runs, but not in the tray. The app appears on the dashboard as a running app with the tray icon as a window. On Mac, it worked for a while, then quit unexpectedly. Now I can't get it to run at all, it just crashes instantly.

Any thoughts?

Re: Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and Mac (10.11.3) -- Neither Works

Hi andymcclure,

I am sorry to learn about your problems. It would be good to see what your log files look like.
Please send the files to support(a), the logs are located in this folder on Mac.
/{User}/Library/Application Support/CloudMe/Sync/logs

Also, after sending the log files, please try to reinstall the sync software to see if the functionality improves.