Topic: Google doc will not open

I am moving a lot of files from Google Drive to CloudMe. From the CloudMe folder on my C: drive it seems impossible to open a very common filetype from Google ending on: ".gdoc"
Any ideas how to open this filetype?

NB. I have also downloaded OpenOffice and tried to open the mentioned files with it -no result.

Re: Google doc will not open

It would be nice to get an answer- even it is just: "We dont know".
I did find a solution with my gdoc files. From Google Drive you can batch convert them to Word or another standard type of document.

Re: Google doc will not open

Hi Siox,

CloudMe does not provide any authoring applications, so it uses the applications you have installed on your computer. So you need to convert or batch convert them into Word or .rtf format in order to be able to read and access the documents.

Best, Daniel