Topic: Uploaded files do not appear?!

Dear all,

recently, I have had some problems with CloudMe, in particular with a shared folder. Whenever someone wants to upload a file to the shared folder, it does not appear, although it seems to be uploaded. The uploading process finishes as usual, but then the file is just not there! I have tried this several times by myself and no file. If I login as administrator, however, I can upload files which also then appear in the respective folder. This problem seems to have started last week, and I have no solution for this. I have tried several things, such as sharing again the folder in question, changing the settings of the shared folder and so on, but no, no change.

About the folder: The folder is a shared one; everyone who has the password can upload and change the files. So far, this has worked more or less, but now... any ideas?

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Re: Uploaded files do not appear?!

We have now finally located the bug, it was a failure to add an update listener for the folder. We hope to push out a new version of the CloudMe Sync software next week.

Meanwhile, if you hit the Sync Now button on the CloudMe Sync user interface, it should sync over the missing files anyway.

Sorry for the inconvenience.