Topic: Lost Files

Good Morning,

i recently took a large quantity of Photos off Cloudme due my account expiring.

This was down using the blue folder and move within Windows explorer, however these photos seem to have gone missing as they have been removed from Cloudme and not on my PC.

Is there anything that I can do to recover them as there is 10 years worth of photos there.

Many thanks,

Re: Lost Files

Hi Drew,

Any files deleted for the past 60 days are still available within CloudMe if you login to your account using a web browser. Click on the trashcan icon in the folder with photos and you will be able to undelete them.

It is a little bit unclear what you did with your account, so in order to help you, can you please describe more of which steps you took and email us under support at, and we will personally help you make the correct configuration in CloudMe.

Also, please make sure you have the latest version of CloudMe Sync installed, [url],[/url] we launched a new version yesterday.

Best, CloudMe Team

Re: Lost Files

Is that

I moved the files within windows explorer, and they have not copied or are they within my cloudme files.

I have checked the recycle bin and they are not there either.

This is a little bit distressing to say the least.

Re: Lost Files

Yes that is the correct email address. We are not yet following what you have done.

It sounds like you moved the files out of the CloudMe folder on your windows computer to another folder on your computer. This will delete the files on your CloudMe account (since you emptied the CloudMe folder), but they should still be on your computer to the folder were you dragged your photos.

If you login to CloudMe through a web browser, go to the Blue Folder and click the Trashcan icon, you can undelete all files you have deleted for the last 60 days.

Please send us an email to be able to help you further.

Thanks, CloudMe