Topic: Please provide API details

I need to develop an app which can use CloudMe services, for this I need to know details of open API calls provided by you. I have gone through with the following API link, but I couldn't found any documentation/details about these API's provided by you.

API Link: [url][/url]

Please provide API details, so I can move forward with the app development.

Re: Please provide API details

We do have an open API, but have not yet had the time to publish all the documentation. Please contact us at the support email and we will send you all information and a SDK to get started. We intend to have documentation regarding the SOAP/REST API + example Java SDK to quickly get started with ready objects and methods abstracting the core level API within the next months.

CloudMe may be used to sync information between devices, store settings files and information from your apps and the file system may almost be used as a light version of an object oriented database.

Please use this thread to discuss how to best use the API, questions about best practices etc.


Re: Please provide API details

All API information is now free, open, and available under the following link with code examples. You will find the information on the right side menu:


Cheers, CloudMe