Topic: Two step verification

Hi! I recently switched to CloudMe from Dropbox and so far I am loving it! Sure, there are some small features I miss, but the biggest is the ability to have a two step login. You know, with your regular password and an activation code via SMS or something else.

I know this can't be done for WebDAV, but for anything else (web login, computer program, mobile app...). Or maybe it can? If you "request" a WebDAV login from the web site by entering a PIN code from your phone? I don't really have a clue, just speculating. smile

When it comes to cloud services I really care about privacy and security. CloudMe is just missing that two step login to be perfect for me! smile

Re: Two step verification

This is an important feature for me too. Security is really important nowadays with services being hacked and user credentials being stolen. Two factor verification would make Cloudme much more secure. And implementation can be made optional and easy using apps like Google Authenticator.

Re: Two step verification

This is a good idea, at least we should be able to add some kind of optional pin verification for the mobile apps :-)

Re: Two step verification

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