Topic: Cleanup the 'conflicted' files mess

Can you add an option that simply updates (overwrites) files with the latest rather than writing a 'conflicted' file as well?

It wastes hours of time trying to clean up 'conflicted' files after syncing. And when you sync again, you have the same mess to clean up all over again!

Re: Cleanup the 'conflicted' files mess

We used to have an overwrite option, but it was a little bit dangerous since if someone didn't really understand how it worked, it could potentially overwrite the wrong files.

However if you frequently get many conflicted files (files you have not edited on other deviceS), it might indicate that you have an older version of CloudMe installed than 1.71 and that you need to upgrade. If you have the latest version on all your devices it is likely that somehow your CloudMe sync database has been corrupted. Please uninstall CloudMe and reinstall CloudMe to get a new fresh sync database and most likely get rid of the conflict problem.