Topic: I lost files, what do I do?

CloudMe keep copies of all deleted files and folders for 60 days. So, no worries!

[u]Step 1[/u]
Did you accidentally delete your files using the web user interface, your computers file system, WebDAV or an app? Go to Step 2.

Do you feel like it might be the fault of CloudMe Sync on your desktop? Find the CloudMe icon in your taskbar, double click on it and go to the Home tab, choose Sync Now, and repeat this on all your computers.

Are you still missing files? Double click the CloudMe icon in the taskbar, then click on the white CloudMe logo. An about window will now open. Open the following page [url][/url] in a web browser and check that you have the latest version of CloudMe Sync for your operating system. If not, download the latest version and make sure to install it on all your computers, then repeat the Sync Now step described above.

If you still do not see your missing files, proceed to Step 2.

[u]Step 2[/u]
1. Login to your CloudMe account using [url][/url]
2. Go to the folder were you are missing files
3. Click on the Trashcan icon, this will display all files and folders in the folder from the last 60 days that you may restore
4. Select the files and folders you want to restore
5. Open the "More >" icon in the toolbar and select Restore (or right click on an item and choose Restore)

If you have connected the affected folder with CloudMe Sync, the restored files and folders will be synced to all your connected computers.

[u]Step 3[/u]
If nothing of the above helped you get your files back, email us at Please note that we cannot help you get files back older than 60 days.

Please include the following information in your email:
a) Your CloudMe account name
b) Operating system and version (Windows, Mac, Linux)
c) How and possible when you think the files were lost
d) If you are using CloudMe Sync, please provide us the version number (see above how to retrieve it)
e) Please provide us your log files from CloudMe Sync by following these steps:
1. Right click on CloudMe icon in taskbar
2. Go to Help menu and then choose View log files
3. Select all log files from the date when files were lost and attach them in the email to us