Topic: What is the Cloud Drive?

All your files in CloudMe are stored in your Cloud Drive, it is your cloud-based hard drive.

The CloudMe Blue Folder, synced folders, shared folders and any file or folders you have created and uploaded will be stored in your Cloud Drive. You may access your Cloud Drive through the Home tab, and on the mobile apps by selecting Cloud Drive right above the tabs. WebDAV users will see the Cloud Drive as one of the root folders in the Network Harddrive.

Please note that since CloudMe allow you to sync multiple folders to CloudMe and choose which devices to sync them to, and also allow you to use your Cloud Drive as an online hard drive through WebDAV. The contents on the Cloud Drive may be different than what you have on your local computer (since you may have not synced the entire Cloud Drive). Some similar services always make everything in the cloud exactly the same as the synced folder on the computer. This simplified view does not work if you should be able to use CloudMe as a network hard drive or be able to choose which folders that should be synced between different computers.

By default, your sync folders added through CloudMe Sync will be stored under Cloud Drive:/Sync, the default Pictures, Movies and Music folder are all stored under Cloud Drive:/Documents.

The CloudMe blue folder is located under Cloud Drive:/Documents/CloudMe