Topic: Advanced Sharing

It would be great that admins could activate sharing by files inside a shared folder, not only the whole folder.

Also, a switchable flag called "permit download" would be very appreciated. By default, all shares can be downloaded, but I'd like to specify which shared files (or folders) can be downloaded by the users (I know that if they can see them into their browser, they can download it, but, at least, I'd like not to put it easy with a "download button" at the right of each shared file).

Re: Advanced Sharing

Thanks for your ideas! We have had more advanced sharing before with full access control to files and folders, but moved into the simplified WebShares, as the previous one with total control was too complex to use for most users - resulting in that people refrained from sharing since it took longer time.

We have to think and see were and if we should add back some more complexity. Sometimes it is needed. You can solve this by setting up multiple WebShares and/or sharing single files.

The permit download flag is something we have in our roadmap and plan to develop. WebShares that will be set to non-downloadable also needs to apply restrictions to CloudMe Sync, so if followed, it will not be downloaded anyway through our sync software. We will also make it harder to download images from such WebShares.

Best, CloudMe Team